Institute of African Royalty Awards, Nairobi, Kenya - 14th August 2018
(Ahadi CEO among those awarded)

Ahadi Kenya CEO Dr. Stanley Kamau Maina was among those awarded with Honorary Fellowship IAR by the Institute of African Royalty. Kamau was among three African leaders that were honored during a meeting organized by UN Women in partnership with the Queen Mother best foundation to discuss policy issues related to child marriages, FGM and other challenges facing the society. The other two leaders were Dr. Jennifer Riria of Kenya and Dr. Izeduwa Derex-Briggs of Nigeria. The event was held at Trademark Hotel , Nairobi.




Dr Stanley Kamau receiving the award (Left) and Dr. Jennifer Riria also receiving hers (Right)

Royalty Awards


Royalty Awards

Dr. Izeduwa Derex-Briggs of Nigeria receiving the award (Left) and the three displaying the awards (Right)

Ambulance Mashinani hand-over and Empowerment project, Bomet County - 30th May 2018
(Women groups benefit from banana livelihood project)

More than 50 women groups in Bomet County benefitted from a banana empowerment livelihood project. The banana seedlings were presented to the groups during the Ambulance Mashinani hand over at Kapsimbiri primary school in Bomet County. At the event sponsored by lotto Foundation, more than 3000 pairs of shoes and sanitary towels were also distributed at the event that was graced by the Governor Dr. Joyce Laboso and attended by among others; County CECs, provincial administration, school community and leaders.


Distributing the banana seedlings to the groups (Left) and handing over the Ambulance Mashinani (right)

Jigger clinic and shoe distribution, Matayos, Busia County - 24th May 2018
(Empowerment project for a special school)

Bugengi special school in Busia County will be supported to start a big farming to create income for the school. Ahadi Kenya donated some cash towards the project during a jigger clinic and shoe distribution held at the school and sponsored by NSSF. More than 300 children were treated of jiggers and 3000 pairs of shoes distributed to the needy children in the locality. Girls were also supplied with sanitary towels. The event was graced by Busia County First Lady and attended by local leaders.


Treating school going children of jiggers (Left) and fitting them with shoes ( Right)

Jigger clinic, shoe distribution and Dignity pack supply, Gatundu , Kiambu County -11th May 2018
(Girls benefit with sanitary towels)

School going girls in Five (5) primary schools in Gatundu North, Kiambu County were supplied with sanitary towels (Dignity Pack) during a jigger clinic and shoe distribution exercise held at St. Francis Primary School. The event, sponsored by NSSF saw more than 5,000 pairs of shoes distributed and more than 300 children treated of jiggers. The function was attended by Kiambu Women Mp and other local leaders.


Children showing off their new shoes ( Left) and distribution of sanitary towels ( Right)

Visiting the landslide victims, Gitugi location, Muranga County - 4th May 2018
(46 families enrolled with NHIF )

46 families that are victims of the recent landslide and flooding in Muranga County were enrolled with NHIF by Ahadi Kenya. More than 100 other victims within the Count will also be enrolled. This happened when we visited the families at Mutitu Polytechnic where they are been housed. During the event, all the affected families planted fruit trees within the polytechnic as a way of conserving the environment. Ahadi Kenya donated foodstuffs and shoes to the affected and also promised to start a livelihood project for the victims as a way of empowering them.


Serving uji to the victims (Left) and registering them for NHIF (Right)

Launch of the 'Keep Kenya breathing' Muranga County - 21st April 2018
(1,000 trees planted and 3,000 distributed)

Over 1,000 trees were planted at Kiru Secondary School and its environs while 3,000 seedlings both fruit trees and indigenous trees were distributed to several women groups. This was during the launch of `Keep Kenya Breathing - Muranga County' initiative that was supported by WWF Kenya. Other partners who joined included; Kenya Air force, Mediamax, Kenya Forest Services, County government, Muranga women Representative office and Mathioya Member of Parliament. WWF Kenya and other partners are committed to plant one billion trees in the next three years. Each family in Kenya has been asked to plant at least 25 trees in their homestead. The event was held at Kiru Secondary School.


Members of the public holding their seedlings (Left) and (Right) tree planting on going

Launch of fruit trees planting project, Muranga County - 7th April 2018
(One Million fruit trees to be planted)

One million fruit trees will be planted in Muranga County as a way of conserving the environment as well as creating livelihood. The launch was held at Mihuti Village, Mathioya Constituency, in Muranga County during the distribution of banana seedlings to the farmers. Each household will be provided with two fruit trees seedling and other indigenous trees. The event was attended by among others, Mathioya Member of Parliament Hon. Peter Kimari who also distributed trees to the farmers. A total of 3,000 seedlings were distributed. Ahadi Kenya will facilitate for the marketing of the bananas and other fruits.


Farmers undergoing training (Left) and distribution of the seedlings (Right)

National Jigger Awareness Day, Muhoroni, Kisumu County - 3rd March 2018
(Social economic empowerment)

The 2nd National Jigger Awareness Day was held at Chemelil grounds, Muhoroni, Kisumu County with this year`s theme been 'Social Economic Empowerment for Jigger Elimination'. The event that was attended by Senators, MPs and other elected leaders from Kisumu County saw several people treated from jigger infestation and 2,000 children benefit from shoe distribution. In line with the theme, 3,500 chicks were distributed to 35 women groups as a way of economically empowering them. Poverty is a major cause of jigger infestation. The empowerment project is to break the poverty cycle. .Kisumu County government also received the Ambulance Mashinani.


Volunteers treating jigger infested children ( Left) and fitting them with shoes (Right)


Distributing chicken to women groups (Left) and training them on good farming practices (Right)

Jigger awareness and shoe distribution campaign, Kwale County-9th Feb 2018
(School going children seriously infested)

Several school going children in Kwale County are dropping out of school due to jigger infestation. This was revealed during a jigger awareness campaign held at Zigira Primary school, Musambweni in Kwale County. More than 300 children were treated for jiggers and more than 3000 received new pairs of shoes. During the function sponsored by NSSF, sanitary towels were distributed to vulnerable girls. The event was attended by local leadership, provincial administration and the school community.


Treatment of jigger infested children (Left) and girls receiving sanitary towels (Right)

Commissioning of a borehole in Limuru, Kiambu County - 8th December 2017
(600 households to benefit from piped water)

Over 600 households in Kamandura village of Limuru in Kiambu County will benefit from piped water after we commissioned a borehole in the community. The project will also benefit the neighboring schools and hospitals. The Borehole was sponsored by Lotto Foundation. It will cut water costs in the area as well as save time spend going to fetch water. The locals will also be trained on ways of managing the project.


Locals waiting for the commissioning of the borehole (left) and ( Right) enjoying the Water coming out of the borehole ready for use.

Jigger eradication clinic and shoe distribution, Kilifi County - 8th November 2017
(2000 children benefit with shoes)

Over 2000 children from Mwadazo village in Kilifi County benefitted from jigger treatment and shoe distribution during a jigger eradication campaign held at Mwadazo Primary School and sponsored by Imarika Foundation. Ahadi Kenya and Imarika Sacco launched a partnership to support families infested with jiggers with income-generating activities including forming self help groups for the victims.


Treatment of jiggers (Left) and Children displaying their new shoes (Right)

Distribution of banana seedlings and hand over Ambulance Mashinani, Murang'a County - 22nd October 2017
(Nine women groups benefit from empowerment program)

Nine women groups from all the sub counties in Muranga County received banana seedlings, an empowerment project to help in creating income and food security. The seedlings were handed over to the groups by H.E. the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya Margaret Kenyatta at Kangema Sub County office where she also handed over the Ambulance Mashinani. The Ambulance was received by Murang'a First Lady Jane Wairia. This project is sponsored by Lotto Foundation.


First Lady interacting with the women leaders (Left) and handing over the Ambulance Mashinani (Right)

Distribution of water tanks and handover of Ambulance Mashinani, Kisii County-15th October 2017
(12 Schools received water tanks)

Eleven primary and one high school received water tanks to help in water harvest and storage. The tanks were handed over by H.E. the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya Margaret Kenyatta. She handed over the Ambulance Mashinani to Kisii County to be used at Kiogoro dispensary. The handover event was held at Kisii High school. This project is sponsored by Lotto Foundation.


Handing over the water tanks (Left) and Ambulance Mashinani ( Right)

Donation of Water tanks and Ambulance Mashinani, Kajiado County - 30th September 2017
(12 Primary schools benefitted)

Twelve Primary Schools from Kajiado County benefitted from water-harvesting tanks. The 10,000-litre tanks were distributed to the schools at Oldonyoinyokie dispensary in Magadi at an event that was graced by Kajiado First Lady, Edna Ole Lenku. She also received an Ambulance Mashinani on behalf of Kajiado County. The residents also benefitted from food distribution. The Project is a partnership with Lotto Foundation.


Launching the water tanks (Left) and distribution of food (Right)

Launch of Boresha Macho Campaign, Mwatate, Taita Taveta County - 20th September 2017
(Hundreds benefit from free eye clinic)

Hundreds of people from Taita Taveta County benefitted from a free eye Clinic held at Bura Station Railway grounds in Mwatate. The project that was launched by H.E. The First Lady of the Republic of Kenya Margaret Kenyatta saw the residents benefit from free eye testing, free medical diagnosis and free donation of reading glasses. The project was supported by City Eye Clinic and Vision Springs.


H.E. Margaret Kenyatta being shown the eye-treatment process (Left) and donating free reading glasses ( Right)

Launch of banana livelihood project, Kitale, Trans-Nzoia County - 13th September 2017
(70 women groups benefit)

70 women groups benefitted from banana livelihood project in Kitale. The project meant to empower the women from Trans-Nzoia County was launched by H.E. The First Lady of the Republic of Kenya Margaret Kenyatta at Kitale ACK grounds. The project is sponsored by Lotto Foundation. At the same event, trans-Nzoia county received an Ambulance Mashinani. The launch was attended by County officials, Provincial administration, political leaders and community members among others. More than 7,000 banana seedlings were distributed to the groups.


Handing over the Ambulance Mashinani (left) and (Right) distribution of banana seedlings.

Visit to Gaichanjiru mission hospital, Muranga County- 20th August 2017
(A couple gives birth to Quadruplets)

A couple that gave birth to quadruplets in Gaichanjiru mission hospital will get a one year support from Ahadi Kenya. The family of Murigi from Kandara, Muranga County will be assisted by a livelihood project that will bring income and food security. Ahadi Kenya will also hire a nanny to assist the mother. The four babies, one boy and three girls are all in good health including their mother.


Holding the quadruplets in the hospital (Left) and Children`s parents (Right)


Handing over ceremony of two newly renovated dormitories, Nairobi County- 4th August 2017
(Supporting the elderly)

More than seventy (70) elderly persons residing at Nyumba Ya Wazee in Kasarani, Nairobi County received blankets and shoes from Ahadi Kenya and Lotto Foundation. This was during the handover of two renovated dormitories at the home. The dormitories were in a pathetic state before Lotto Foundation stepped in to help. The elderly will now stay in a dignified accommodation. The home is run by Little Sisters.


The elderly persons relaxing at the dining hall ( Left) and Distribution of blankets (Right)

Visit to Homabay Referral Hospital, Homabay County- 30th July 2017
(Donated a portable Ultra sound)

Homabay County referral hospital received a portable Ultra Sound Machine for H.E Margaret Kenyatta, the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya. The Machine to be used for obstetric purposes was donated to the First Lady by Ahadi Kenya. It was received by the hospital management staff and the County officials.


A doctor demonstrating how the machine works (Left) and handing it over (Right)

Visit to Matuga Girls High School, Kwale County-25 July 2017
(Donated Sanitary towels to the Pupils)

More than 700 pupils of Matuga Girls High School in Kwale County received sanitary towels and shoes. The items were donated by Ahadi Kenya in partnership with the Office of the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya. H.E Margaret Kenyatta handed over the donations to the school after a tour of the school and were received by the school head teacher and the school President. The donations will help girls from needy background. The First Lady was accompanied by Kwale County provincial administration, County senior officials and the school community.


First Lady been entertained by the students (Left) and handing over the sanitary towels (Right)

Shoe distribution in St. Joseph Kiangage Primary School, Muranga County-21st July 2017
(Special needs pupils received a hair clippers)

Special needs pupils from St. Joseph Kiangage Primary School received a hair clippers to empower those with the skill to earn some money by shaving other pupils. The mashine was donated during a shoe distribution exercise in the school. All the 500 pupils received a new pair of shoes. During the function, the teachers also received a new set of a TV set for their board room.


A special pupil demonstrating on how to use the clippers ( Left) and fitting the shoes (Right)

Visit to a Children`s home in Isiolo County-19 July 2017
(Children and elderly receive foodstuff)

More than 200 children from Isiolo Children`s Welfare Society of Kenya home and the elderly from the neighborhood received shoes, foodstuff and blankets from H.E. Margaret Kenyatta. This was during a visit to the County. She was accompanied by Ahadi Kenya staff, Provincial administration, County officials and children officers.


First Lady addressing the elderly (Left) and Distributing food and other items (Right)

Handing over Ambulance Mashinani, Kilifi County - 30th June 2017
(Two (2) Ambulances donated)

Two (2) Ambulance Mashinani were donated in two dispensaries in Kilifi County. The ambulances donated by Karibuni Onlus were handed over to Baolala and Mamburi dispensaries. The ambulances will be used to compliment the other ambulances in the County. They will be used in emergencies and also to transport pregnant mothers, persons with disability, and the elderly to the dispensary. The hands over events were attended by the County health officials, Karibuni Onlus and Ahadi Kenya Volunteers.


Demonstrating how the Ambulance works (Left) and handing over to Karibuni Onlus (Right)

Shoe distribution and Jigger Clinic, Homa Bay County - 23rd June 2017
(6,000 pairs of shoes distributed)

More than 6,000 pairs of shoes were distributed to several primary schools in Dhiwa Constituency of Homa Bay County.The schools which include Sibuoche, Apuoche,Osani and Wayara primary schools received the shoes during a jigger clinic sponsored by NSSF held at Sibuoche Primary School. During the event, all standard seven and eight girls from the said schools received sanitary towels. The function was attended and graced by the County First Lady. Others in attendance included NSSF staff and Ahadi Kenya Volunteers.


Treatment of jiggers (left) and handing over the shoes (Right)

Jigger Clinic and shoe distribution, Cherangany constituency, Trans Nzoia County - 26th May 2017
( schools benefitted with shoes)

Three Primary Schools from Cherangany Constituency in Trans Nzoia County recieved donations of brand-new shoes. This was during the jigger awareness campaign that was held at Mirima Primary School. Several children were treated of jiggers as more than 2,000 received shoes. The function was attended by Nation Media Group Editor, Tom Mshindi, who hails from that ward and other old students of those schools plus school community members.


Children been treated from jiggers (Left) and handing over the shoes (Right)

Food distribution and Ambulance Mashinani, Mandera County-18th May 2017
(Six Ambulance Mashinani Launched)

Six (6) Ambulance Mashinani were launched to serve the residents of Mandara County during a food distribution excercise at Neboi ward, Mandera East. More than 2000 families benefitted from assorted food stuff donated by Lotto Foundation. Five of the Ambulances were donated by Mandera Women MP Hon. Fathia. Mandera is one of the counties with very high maternal death rate. The event was attended by the County officials and local leaders.


Flagging off the Ambulances (Left) and distributing food stuff to the residents (Right)

Food Distribution and Ambulance Mashinani Hand over, Narok County- 12th May 2017
(School going Children benefitted with shoes)

School children from Enkare Ngiro Primary school recieved a donation of new shoes during the food distribution project in Ewaso Nyiro, Narok County. At the same time, Narok County First Lady, Sarah Tunai received the Ambulance Mashinani on behalf of the County. More than 2,000 families also benefitted from a food donation by Lotto Foundation. The event was attended by thousands of local residents, senior County officials and government representatives.


Entertainment of the guests (Left) and fitting children with shoes (Right)

Food distribution and Ambulance Mashinani hand over, Lamu County - 5th May 2017
(Over 2,000 families get food donation)

Over 2,000 families in Bargoni village of Lamu County benefited from a donation of assorted foodstuff from Lotto Foundation and Ahadi Kenya Trust. The Lamu County also received an Ambulance Mashinani during the event. Those who benefitted are from the Boni community. The function was attended by County government officials, volunteers from Lotto Foundation, Ahadi Kenya Trust and WWF Kenya.


Off-loading the food stuff from the truck (Left) and handing over the Ambulance Mashinani (Right)

Food Distribution and Ambulance Mashinani Handover, Tana River County - 27th April 2017
(Livestock dying due to drought)

Residents of Tana River County are losing their livestock due to drought which is their main source of livelihood. Majority of them are also starving. Lotto foundation and Ahadi Kenya Trust visited the County to donate food. The food donation exercise was held at mandingo village. More than 2,000 families benefitted and at the same time the County government of Tana River received an AmbulanceMashinani. Among those who attended the function included the First Lady of Tana River County, Deputy Governor and other senior County government officials


Assorted food stuff ready for distribution (Left) and residents admiring the Ambulance Mashinani (Right)

Food Distribution and Ambulance Mashinani Hand-Over, Garissa County - 7th & 8th April 2017
(Mother of Triplets assisted)

A mother of one week old triplets who had gone for days without food received food and clothing donation when we visited Lagdera Constituency in Garissa County. More than 2000 families received food donations in Garissa County during the food-distribution exercise that was witnessed by the Provincial administration, County Government, local leaders and community members. The Chakula kwa Wote initiative is spearheaded by Lotto Foundation, Ahadi Kenya and Mediamax. At the same time Garissa County was handed over an Ambulance Mashinani that was received by Garissa County First Lady.


Holding the triplets (Left) and handing over the Ambulance Mashinani to Garissa County (Right)


Shoes and Food Distribution in Makueni County - 7th & 8th April 2017
(Thousands come out to receive food donation)

Over 20,000 residents of Kathonzweni village in Makueni County came out to receive food donation. Ahadi Kenya had partnered with NSSF to feed over 2,000 families for a month but due to the high number of affected people the food was shared among all those who were present. All the school going-children of Kilala Primary school in the county received new pairs of shoes. The event was attended by among others, the Chairman of NSSF Hon. Gideon Ndambuki.


NSSF Chairman with Kilala School pupils (Left) and Distributing food at Kathonzweni (Right)

Ahadi Kenya Trust 10 years celebrations, Muranga County - 1st April 2017
(Mass wedding for recovered jigger victims)

To mark ten (10) years of the anti-jigger campaign in Kenya, Ahadi Kenya Trust organized a mass wedding for ten jigger-recovered couples. This was to help rehabilitate the couple back to the society. 10 years ago, the couples lived a life of desperation and isolation. They were treated as outcasts due to jigger infestation. The mass wedding was held at Kagunduini ACK Church, Kandara in Muranga County. The reception ceremony took place at Kagunduini Polytechnic. It was attended by the clergy, local provincial administration, Ahadi Kenya partners and the community. Each couple was also given a cow, chicken and bananas seedlings for livelihood.


Couples exchanging vows in church (Left) and (Right ) being entertained on arrival at the reception


The newlyweds cutting the wedding cake (Left) and receiving a dairy cow (Right)

Food Distribution and Ambulance Mashinani , Wajir County - 23rd March 2017
(Animals dying because of drought)

Residents of Wajir County are losing their livestock due to the current drought in many parts of the country. Livestock being their only source of livelihood, many of them are now facing starvation and turning to waiting for well wishers for help. Ahadi Kenya in partnership with Lotto Foundation visited the area and distributed food and shoes to over 2000 families. We also handed over an Ambulance Mashinani to the county health office. The event held at Boa village, Wajir West, was attended by Wajir County government officials, Provincial administration and community leaders.



Distribution of food to the residents of Turkana (Left) and handing over the Ambulance Mashinani (Right)

Food Distribution and Ambulance Mashinani hand over, Taita Taveta County-17th March 2017
(Elephants destroying crops

Taita Taveta is one of the counties facing starvation. In Marapu village, Sagala ward, residents claim their food shortage was due to their crops been destroyed by Elephants. They have appealed to the government and other organizations dealing with wildlife to rescue them from the menace. During our visit to the village, more than 2000 families from a donation of food and shoes. The function was attended by Taita Taveta County government officials, Provincial administration, local leaders and volunteers. Taita Teveta county health department also received the Ambulance Mashinani. It was received by the Deputy Governor..


Distribution of food to the residents in the Manyattas (Left) and rescuing a starving man from his manyatta (Right)

Food distribution and Ambulance Mashinani hand over, Turkana County - 3rd March 2017
(Jigger Awareness Day)

Ahadi Kenya, in partnership with Lotto Foundation, marked the National Jigger Awareness Day in Turkana County. The day, which was set aside by the government to create awareness on control and prevention of jiggers, is marked every 3rd day of March. The event was held at Nataparkano village, Turkana Central. During the event, more than 2,000 families received food and shoes. The function was graced by Turkana County First Lady Mrs. Margaret Nanok who also received the Ambulance Mashinani on behalf of the Turkana County Government. Others who attended included county government officials, provincial administration and the community leaders.


Entertainment from local groups (left) and Deputy Governor fitting a child with shoes ( Right)

Food distribution and Ambulance Mashinani hand over, Marsabit County - 27th February 2017
(20,000 liters of water and hay distributed)

Apart from food and shoes distribution, residents of Moyale, Marsabit County received donations of water and hay for their animals. This was during the food distribution excercise for those suffering from drought at Watiti Primary school. More than 2,000 families benefited from the food and water donation. All the school-going children of Watiti Primary school received new pairs of shoes. At the same time, Ahadi Kenya handed over the Ambulance Mashinani for Marsabit County. The ambulance was received by Habiba Yusuf, the Marsabit County Director of administration.


Food distribution at Watiti Primary School (Left) and a water reserve tank being replenished(Right)


Food and shoe distribution, Ambulance Mashinani hand over, Samburu County - 17th February 2017
(Schools receiving food as school fees)

Primary Schools in Samburu County have been urged to accept food as part of school fees to feed those affected by hunger. This was revealed during a food distribution exercise in Maralal, Samburu County. More than 2000 families benefitted from a donation of food and footwear. The County government of Samburu also received the Ambulance Mashinani from Ahadi Kenya and Lotto foundation. The ambulance was received by Samburu County chief Medical officer at the referral hospital.


Volunteers fitting children with shoes .......................................Entertainment before food distribution

Ambulance Mashinani and Jigger Awareness Campaign, Kilifi County - 27th January 2017
(Former jigger victims register as voters)

Former jigger victims who have never voted before due to jigger infestation will be facilitated to register as voters this year. This was revealed during an Ambulance hand over and jigger awareness campaign in Kilifi County. The Ambulance Mashinani was handed over to Gede dispensary and was donated by Karibuni-Onlus. The jigger awareness campaign was held at Mbaraka Chembe Primary School where the voter registration was also taking place. Former jigger victims from the area registered as voters. The functions were attended by Karibuni-Onlus Kenya representative, County Government health representatives, IEBC officials and volunteers.


Kilifi County

Handing over the Ambulance Mashinani (Left) and Former jigger victims showing off their voters cards (Right)

Distribution of food in (10) counties for Christmas - 25th November -25th December 2016
(‘Chakula kwa wote’ initiative)

Ahadi Kenya in partnership with Lotto foundation launched a food distribution initiative dubbed 'Chakula kwa wote’.The initiative was to feed 10,000 families for Christmas festivities targeting people with disabilities, orphans and vulnerable children and the elderly. The food was distributed in all the Ten (10) counties. The counties that benefitted are Nyeri, Embu, Laikipia, Isiolo, Tharaka Nithi, Kilifi, Kwale, West Pokot and Migori. During the food distribution, all the Ten Counties including Meru and Embu received the Ambulance Mashinani. The project was undertaken through the offices of the Count y First Ladies.


Display of food stuff that was distributed in all the 10 counties to benefit 10,000 families for Christmas.

Jigger awareness campaign, Lamu County - 2nd December 2016
(6000 pairs of shoes and slippers distributed)

More than 6,000 children benefitted with new shoes and slippers in Lamu County. This was during a jigger awareness campaign. The project that was held at Bargoni Primary School was sponsored by WWF Kenya office. During the event, more than 200 school going children were treated of jiggers. The function was attended by among others; WWF Kenya office staff and volunteers, Lamu County government officials, Lamu County deputy commissioner, community members and leaders.

WWF Kenya CEO, Provincial administrators and Ahadi CEO treating jigger infested children in Lamu.

Ambulance Mashinani hand-over in Kitui, Makueni and Machakos Counties - 4th November 2016
(Food distributed)

Tonnes of food were freely distributed to the residents of Makueni County who are suffering from hunger. At the same function, over 500 jigger infested persons were treated and given medication. The food was donated by Lotto Foundation and the Ministry of Devolution. It was distributed during an Ambulance Mashinani handover in the County. Other Counties that received the ambulance include Machakos and Kitui. They were all received by the First Ladies of the respective counties. Lotto CEO Brian Waluchio handed over the Village Ambulances.


Kitui County First Lady receives the ambulance (Left) and CEC Health Machakos County (Right)


Makueni First Lady receiving the Ambulance (Left) and distributing food to the needy (Right)

Ambulance Mashinani hand over in Homabay, Migori and Nyamira Counties- 21st Oct 2016
(Over 12,000 benefitted from shoes and mattresses)

Over 12,000 children benefitted with shoes in Nyatike sub county of Migori county during the handover of Ambulance Mashinani sponsored by Lotto Foundation. Two other counties i.e. Homabay and Nyamira also received the Ambulance Mashinani. The ambulances were received by the County First Ladies in Homabay and Migori while in Nyamira, it was received by a health official on behalf of the First Lady. The handover were witnessed by Lotto Foundation Trustee Mary Maina.


Nyamira Health administrative officer (left) and Homabay First Lady Mrs Awiti receiving the Ambulances.


Migori First Lady Hellen Obado receiving the registration documents (Left ) and shoes and blankets ready for distribution in Migori ( Right)

Visit to Vihiga, Kakamega, Bungoma and Busia Counties - 29th & 30th September 2016
(Handing over Ambulance Mashinani)

After launching Ambulance Mashinani for all the Counties, Vihiga, Kakamega , Bungoma and Busia Counties received their ambulances. They were received by the County First ladies and the county health officials. The ambulances meant to compliment the work of both National and County Governments in helping access medical facilities, are sponsored by Lotto Foundation. Lotto Foundation CEO was present during the hand over.


Vihiga County First Lady (Left) and Kakamega County Health Chief Officer (Right) Receiving the Ambulance Mashinani


Bungoma County First Lady (Left) and Busia County First Lady (Right) receiving the Ambulance Mashinani

Hand Over of Ambulance Mashinani to Kiambu County - 6th October 2016
(Victoria Beckham In attendance)

Fashion designer Victoria Beckham, the wife of footballer David Beckham experienced the operations of Ambulance Mashinani first-hand. This was during her visit to the Beyond Zero project at Ngarariga shopping Center in Kiambu County. She was accompanied by her son, Brooklyn Beckham, and Kiambu County First Lady, Philomena Kabogo. Lotto Foundation CEO Brian Waluchio handed over the ambulance to the County First Lady. Victoria was briefed on all the equipment in the Mashinani and its operations.


Kiambu County First lady receives the Ambulance Mashinani (Left) and (Right) Victoria Beckham been taken through the operation of the Ambulance.

State House Nairobi-9th September 2016
(47 'Ambulance Mashinani' Launched)

All the 47 counties of Kenya will receive an Ambulance Mashinani. The project was launched at State House during the handover of the 47th and last Beyond Zero mobile clinic by H.E. The First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta. The Village Ambulances will be implemented through the County First Ladies. The Ambulances that are sponsored by Lotto Foundation will complement the work of the First lady by providing accessibility to medical facilities especially in the remote areas.


Ahadi Kenya CEO show the First Lady how thehowan Ambulance Mashinani operates (Left) and the ambulances leaving State House (Right)


Lotto-sponsored Village Ambulances ready to be distributed to all 47 counties

Visit to Kandara, Muranga County - 7th September 2016
(Received Ultrasound machine donation)

Liquo Power a Japanese organization through its local suppliers, Namm Pharmaceuticals Ltd donated three (3) Ultrasound machines to be used in testing pregnant mothers in the villages. They will be used by our social workers after training. The social workers who operate the ambulance Mashinani will be visiting the expectant mothers especially the physically challenged in their respective homes testing and offering medical advice. Where the mothers require specialized treatment, the Ambulance Mashinani will be used to take them to the hospital. The donation was made at Mukerenju dispensary, Kandara constituency in Muranga County.


Receiving the donation of the Ultrasound equipment (Left) and a demonstration of how it works ( Right)

Opening DCIO's office in Karen, Nairobi County-10th August 2016
(Partnership in community policing)

In the spirit of community policing, we partnered with Lotto foundation to build an office space for the CID officers in Karen. The office has three rooms for the DCIO, Deputy DCIO and the other officers. The block was officially opened by DCI Kenya Director Ndegwa Muhoro on behalf of the Cabinet Secretary for interior and coordination of National Government Hon. Joseph Nkaisserry. The office will create a good working environment for the officers. The opening ceremony was attended by top security officers and the Karen community members.


Cutting the ribbon to the new block ( Left) and unveiling the plague ( Right)


Receiving an award for community policing ( Left) and signing visitors book in the new office ( Right)

Jigger awareness campaign and shoe distribution, Kisumu County-5th August 2016
(10 Primary School benefitted)

Over 10 primary schools in Kisumu County benefitted from new shoes and slippers during a jigger awareness campaign held at Miwani Primary School. The event that was sponsored by Makini Group of Schools saw more than 200 school-going children treated of jiggers. The function was attended by among others; Makini Schools Director, Dr. Mary Okello, Kisumu County executives, political leaders and volunteers.


Shoes ready for distribution (Left) and volunteers treating jigger infested children (Right)

Jigger awareness campaign and shoe distribution, Kilifi County-5th August 2016
(Over 6,000 pairs of shoes distributed)

More than 6000 pairs of new shoes and slippers were distributed to several primary schools in Kilifi County. The distribution was carried out at Langobaya Primary school. The schools that benefitted from the event include; Mshogoleni, Bishop Baldacchio, Pendukiani Ganda, Kwa Upanga Furaha Sana, St. James Baptist an Mkaomoto primary schools. The function that was sponsored by Lotto Foundation also benefitted girls from the same schools with sanitary towels. Several school going children were treated of jiggers. The event was attended by Lotto Foundation CEO Brian Waruchio, Political leaders, County Executives and the community members.


School going children showing off new shoes (Left) and jigger infested feet (Right)

Jigger awareness campaign and shoe distribution, Isiolo County-29th July 2016
(Lack of water a major cause of jigger infestation)

Lack of water, especially in primary schools, in Isiolo County is a major cause of jigger infestation. Addressing communities during a jigger awareness and shoe distribution campaign at Kiwanja Primary School, the leaders singled out lack of water in schools as a major concern. The event, which was sponsored by Lotto Foundation, saw over 6000 benefit from donations of shoes and slippers, sanitary towels and footballs. The function was attended by Isiolo women representative Hon. Tiyah Galgalo, County government officials, political leaders and community members.



Washing and treatment of jigger infested children (Left) Shoes, Sanitary towels and ball ready for distribution (Right)


Shoe distribution and jigger treatment, Kisii County-14th july 2016
(NIC bank opens branch in Kisii)
NIC Bank unvieled a new branch in Kisii and as part of CSR, they sponsored a jigger clinic and shoe distribution excercise covering several primary schools in the county. More than 300 school-going pupils were treated of jiggers and more than 5,000 pairs of shoes and slippers were distributed for free. The event was held at Kisii primary School and attended by, among others, the Kisii County First Lady, Kisii county women representative, Member of Parliament, Ahadi Kenya and NIC volunteers.


Holding a 1 year old baby infested with jiggers ( Left) and pupils showing off new pairs of shoes and slippers ( Right)


Shoe distribution and jigger awareness campaign, Kwale County-1st July 2016
(Jigger infestation reducing in the County)

The level of jigger infestation in Kwale County has significantly reduced. This was reported by the County Public health officer during a jigger treatment and shoe distribution campaign at Mwaroni Primary School. The campaign that was sponsored by Lotto Foundation saw more than 6000 pupils from different primary schools benefit from shoes and slippers, sanitary towels and jigger treatment. The function was attended by Lotto Foundation and Ahadi Kenya volunteers, county officials, political leaders and was graced by the Kwale County First Lady.


Washing and treatment of jigger infested children (Left) and handing over shoes and sanitary towels to the schools (Right)

Shoe distribution and Jigger Clinic, Teso North, Busia County-16th -18th June 2016
( Busia County highly infested with jiggers)

Busia County is among the counties with very high cases of jigger infestation. This was evident during a jigger clinic and shoe distribution event that was sponsored by NSSF. Volunteers, social workers and Public health community workers were trained in prevention, control and management of jigger infestation. The teams carried out home visits where homes were fumigated. Shoe distribution was carried out at Kamolo Primary school where more than 12,000 pairs of shoes and slippers were distributed to over 12 primary schools. The events were attended by NSSF acting Managing trustee, Busia county officials, Busia County First Lady, Ahadi Kenya volunteers among many others.


Training of volunteers and social workers (Left) Washing and treatment of infested children (Right)


Children showing off their new shoes (Left) and houses been fumigated (Right)

Jigger Awareness Campaign in Mumias and Butere, Kakamega County - 13th May 2016
(Ambulance Mashinani launched)

Two (2) Ambulance Mashinani were launched to serve Kakamega county during a jigger awareness campaign led by H.E. Mrs Rachel Ruto. The events, which were sponsored by Lotto Foundation, were held at Butere and Shihaka Primary schools in Butere and Mumias Constituencies respectively. More than 20,000 pairs of shoes and slippers were distributed to nine (9) Primary schools in the region. More than 400 pupils were also treated of jiggers. The two Ambulance Mashinani will serve Mumias and Lukiyani Districts. The function was attended by the First Lady of Kakamega , County officials and community leaders.


H.E. Mrs Ruto and other volunteers washing jigger infested children (Left) and launching the Ambulance Mashinani (Right)

Ahadi Kenya 9th year anniversary Celebrations, Kiambu and Murang’a County- 31st March& 1st April 2016
(Campaign to focus on Prevention and Control)

Ahadi Kenya Trust marked nine years of jigger eradication by holding major celebrations in Kiambu and Murang’a Counties. In Kiambu, we partnered with Lotto Kenya while in Murang’a we were joined by Sportpesa. The events were attended by government officials, local leaders and well as the community. More than 4000 pairs of shoes and slippers were distributed to school-going children. Children were also entertained and fed. For the last nine years, hundreds of thousands of people have fully recovered from jigger infestation. Children have gone back to school and their parents involved in livelihood projects. Millions of shoes have also been distributed to different schools across the country. The campaign will now focus more on prevention and control.


Ahadi Kenya and Lotto Kenya volunteers serving porridge (Left) and cutting the cake (Right)


Ahadi Kenya Trust and Sportpesa volunteers join the children in showing off the new shoes (Left) and the anniversary cake (Right)


Shoe Distribution and Jigger Clinic, Kakamega County - 18th March 2016
(County directors of Education ordered to carry out audit)

The Cabinet Secretary of Education, Fred Matiang'i had directed all the County Directors of Education to carry out an audit to establish how many school-going children are jigger infested. The CS said this when he accompanied the Deputy President’s Wife, Mrs. Rachel Ruto, on a tour of Primary Schools in Kakamega County. During the tour, three primary schools ie. Likuyani, Dr. Nganga and Nangili benefitted from shoes and slippers, footballs and jigger medication that were donated by Ahadi Kenya in Partnership with Lotto Kenya. Others who accompanied the CS include, Ahadi Kenya CEO Dr. Stanley Kamau, Lotto Kenya CEO Brian Waluchio, Area MP and several Government officials. St Elizabeth Likuyani Girls Secondary School benefitted with sanitary towels that were distributed to the girls by Ahadi Kenya Campaign Ambassador Cecilia Mwangi. A total of 6,000 shoes, 10 footballs, books and 1200 sanitary towels were donated during the visit.


Handing over the shoes and slippers ( Left) and distribution of sanitary towels ( Right)


Education CS Matiangi and Rachel Ruto join volunteers in treating jigger infested children ( Left) and touring the school (Right)


Shoe distribution and jigger Awareness Campaign, Bungoma County -11th March 2016
(Teachers infested with jiggers)

A number of teachers at St.Judes Nabuyeywa Primary School in Bungoma County are infested with jiggers. This was revealed during a visit to the school after the manner in which children from the school are suffering was highlighted in the news. The school, with over 800 pupils, has very few desks and the pupils are forced to carry mats to sit on. A large number of pupils are also jigger infested. Ahadi Kenya partnered with Lotto Kenya and the County and donated shoes, medication and books to the school. Other neighboring schools also benefitted. Among those who attended the function were Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka, Ahadi Kenya Trust representatives, Lotto Kenya Volunteers, County Government officials and local leaders.


Bungoma Governor, Ken Lusaka, and other volunteers join in treating jigger infested children (Left) and jigger infested feet of school going children ( Right)


Shoes, slippers and other materials ready for distribution (Left) and handing over medication (Right)


National jigger Awareness Day, Kilifi County - 3rd March 2016
(First National jigger awareness Day)

After the Government initiating a National jigger Awareness Day in 2015, the First one was held in Kilifi County on 3rd March 2016. The day will be marked on 3rd March every year. This year’s event was coordinated by the National Government through the ministry of Health. The event was held at Vithunguni Primary School, Marafa Ward, Kilifi County. The function was attended by several NGOs and partners including Red Cross, Amref, World Vision, Ahadi Kenya and kilifi County Government. During the event, the National policy guidelines on prevention and control of jiggers were distributed with school going children receiving shoes and slippers. Hundreds of those infested by jiggers were treated and given food. The occasion was graced by Kilifi County First Lady Mrs. Liz Kingi.


Distribution of policy guidelines to community members (Left) and entertainment from pupils (Right)


School going children disinfecting their feet (Left) and volunteers led by Mrs. Kingi treating children (Right)


Anti-Jigger clinic and shoe distribution in Makueni County - 17th February 2016
(Over 10,000 pairs of shoes distributed)

16 schools benefitted from the anti-jigger clinic and shoe distribution excercise by Ahadi Kenya in partnership with Shina Organization, Family Bank and the County government of Makueni. The schools received more than 10,000 pairs of shoes and slippers. The event that was held at Syokilati Primary School, Kalawa ward, was graced by the first lady of Makueni Nancy Kivutha, Ahadi Kenya Trust Ceo Dr Stanley Kamau, anti-jigger Ambassador Cecilia Mwangi, and county government officials. The anti-jigger initiative, dubbed ‘Usafi Bora – Zuia Funza’, was geared towards educating the children, and the community at large, on how to prevent and treat jiggers by mainitining clean surroundings/environment, wearing shoes and administering the medication on jigger infested parts.


Ahadi Kenya Ceo Dr Stanley Kamau and anti-jigger Ambassador Cecilia Mwangi handing over Usafi Bora / Zuia Funza posters courtesy of Family Bank.


First lady of Makueni County (left) and county official washing jigger infested children (right)



Children receiving the shoes and slippers donations.



Jigger clinic and shoe distribution in Kilifi County -13th November 2015
(Visit to GK Kilifi prison)

More than 5 primary schools in Kilifi County benefitted from shoe distribution from Ahadi Kenya in partnership with Sportpesa and the Kilifi County Government. More than 200 children were also treated of jiggers at the event held at St. Thomas Primary school in Kilifi town. The function was attended by among others, First Lady Kilifi County Mrs Liz Kingi, Senator Mshenga, Sportpesa and Ahadi Kenya volunteers. The team also visited GK Kilifi Prison where we donated shoes and soap.


Donating shoes, slippers and soap at the prison (left) and washing children infested with jiggers( right)


Shoe distribution in Kisumu County - 6th November 2015
(Feeding program for Class 8 pupils)

Six (6) primary schools in Kisumu County received more than 10,000 pairs of shoes and slippers. The schools include, Obwolo, Manyatta,Makandi,Nyamurundu and Odeinya primary schools. Ahadi Kenya Trust accompanied by Kisumu women MP Hon. Rose Nyamunga and local leaders visited the schools. During the visits, all the candidates sitting the national examinations were given money for lunch for the entire exam period.


Pupils from Nyamurundu carrying cartons of shoes (left) and Ahadi Kenya Trust CEO Stanley Kamau presenting shoes to the head teacher of Odeinya Primary School.


Shoe distribution in Machakos County - 30th October
(Over 10,000 pairs of shoes distributed)

Over 10,000 pairs of shoes were distributed in Machakos County. More than Nine (9) primary schools received the shoes at a function held at Mumbuni primary school. The event was attended by Group Managing Director NIC Bank John Gachora,Machakôs County Government officials, local leaders and school heads. Standard six to eight girls from the said schools received sanitary towels. The event was orgaised in partnership with NIC Bank.


Cartons of shoes ready for distribution ( left) and children from different primary schools (right)


Volunteers joining an artiste in a dance (left) and fitting the pupils with shoes (right)


Launch of Kyeni Foundation, Kitui County - 16th October 2015
(Six (6) Ambulance Mashinani Launched)

Six (6) Ambulance Mashinani were launched in Kitui County during the official launch of Kyeni Foundation. The Ambulances are to compliment the Beyond Zero campaign. They will provide transport to local hospitals especially in areas that are not easily accessible. The foundation was founded by Edith Malombe, Kitui County First Lady.The event held at Ithookwe show ground was attended by, among others, Kitui County Governor, Julius Malombe, more than ten (10) County First Ladies, Auma Obama, county government officials and hundreds of community members. Ahadi Kenya also distributed hygiene posters and shoes to 15 primary schools.


Ambulance Mashinani during the launch (left) and Dr. Kamau explaining how they operate (right)


Kitui Governor Julius Malombe and his wife fitting a child with shoes (left) and the launch of Kyeni Foundation


Harvesting and selling bananas, Muranga County-22nd August 2015
(Farmers identify market for bananas)

Poverty is a major cause of jigger infestation. To break the poverty cycle, we have partnered with KCB Foundation as a way of empowering the jigger survivors. The banana farming project was started three years ago to provide income and food security. Ahadi Kenya has identified Parmar foods who process bananas to be the partner in purchasing the produce. The farmers will also use the money to buy solar lamps for their homes. The lives of the beneficiaries have greatly improved as they are now able to feed and take care of their families.


Farmers carrying bananas from the farm (Left) and displaying their harvest (Right)


Explaining how to make floor out of bananas (Left) and Enjoying porridge made from banana flour (Right)

4th Jigger Staircase Relay 2015 - 15th August 2015
(Event sponsored by SportPesa)

Several corporate bodies, Government departments, NGOs, Students and individuals took part in the 4th Annual Jigger Staircase Relay. The relay was sponsored by SportPesa.The race entails participants running from the lawns to the 27th floor of KICC through the staircase and back. Other activities included sack race, egg race, three legged and tug-of-war. The winners were as follows:
The Wild Bunch - Individual category
Ashleys - Student category
Administration Police - Government category
Royal Media - Media Category
Consolidated Bank - Corporate category


Staircase Relay

Sack Race


Three legged race

Egg Race


Commissioning of borehole, Ober Kabuoch, Homa Bay County - 7th May 2015
(Lack of water a major cause of jigger infestation)

Eradication of jiggers cannot be successful where there is lack of water. Ober Kabouch in Homa Bay County was one of the areas that lacked any reliable source of water. This prompted Safaricom Foundation to dig a borehole in the school compound for the benefit of the community. During the commissioning of the borehole, Safaricom Foundation partnered with Red Cross and Ahadi Kenya Trust in their jigger eradication and shoe distribution campaign. The whole of Ober Kabouch Primary school population benefitted from free shoes and slippers. Others who benefitted from the free shoe distribution excercise are the community members. Those affected by jiggers were also treated and supplied with medication and sanitation materials. The event was attended by local leaders, Homa Bay County government officials, volunteers and the local community.


Safaricom Foundation staff commissioning the borehole (left) and handing over the shoes to the school (right)


Volunteers attending to children affected by jiggers (left) and Ober Kabuoch primary school pupils (right)


Hygiene awareness campaign, Kiharu, Muranga County - 4th April 2015
(Cases of rape among jigger victims on the rise)
For the last few months, several cases of rape amongst jigger-infested persons and persons living with disability have been reported. This was revealed during a hygiene awareness campaign in Muranga County. The people who commit this act take full advance of the victim’s immobility. During the event held at Gitungano primary school, Ahadi Kenya joined hands with Nairobi Women's Hospital to rescue, treat and rehabilitate the affected persons, free of charge. The function was attended by among others, Muranga Women MP, Hon. Sabina Chege, Nairobi Women’s Hospital CEO Dr. Sam Thenya, Muranga County Government senior health officials and local leaders. More than Ten Primary schools benefitted with shoe donation and over 100 elderly people were treated of jigger and they were given foodstuff.


Volunteers attending to the elderly (left) and ( right) the elderly receiving foodstuff


Launch of anti-jigger campaign in Migori County - 27th March 2015
(More than 15,000 pairs of new shoes distributed)
More than 15,000 pairs of new shoes were donated to school going children during the launch of anti-jigger campaign in Migori County. The event was held at Chunge Primary school in Uriri constituency. 300 children also benefitted from jigger treatment while the elderly were given solar lamps. The function was graced by Migori Governor Okoth Obado and his wife. Others in attendance included Red Cross volunteers, provincial administrators, MCAs and Migori County senior officials.



Cartons of shoes ready for distribution (Left) and the Migori Governor and his wife treating jigger-infested children ( Right).


Launch of Anti-jigger campaign in Vihiga County-20th March 2015
(Five (5) Ambulance Mashinani flagged off)
Vihiga Governor Moses Akaranga flagged off five (5) Ambulance Mashinani vehicles to help the poor and disabled persons in that area to access health facilities. This was during the launch of the anti-jigger campaign in Vihiga County where more than 14,000 pairs of shoes and slippers were distributed to school going children. More than 300 people infested with jiggers also benefitted from treatment and sanitation materials. The event was held at Mbale Primary School and was attended by Vihiga County officials and school communities among others.



Five Ambulance Mashinani vehicles (Left) and being flagged off by the Vihiga Governor (Right)


A child`s hands badly infested with jiggers (Left) and the Governor joins volunteers in treating the victims (Right)


Shoe distribution and jigger clinic, Suba constituency, Homabay County - 13th March 2015
(Ten primary schools benefit from shoe donation)
Ten (10) Primary schools in Suba Constituency in Homabay County benefitted from new shoes and over 100 school-going children were treated of jigger infestation. The event was held at Kigoto Primary School and was attended by, among others, the Homabay County Executive for Health. This was the first jigger eradication excercise since the launch of the National Guidelines on Prevention and Control of Jiggers in Kenya. During the visit, it was evidence that children in Suba area are heavily infested with jiggers. County governments have been urged to carry out baseline surveys to establish the number of those affected per county.


Jigger infested foot (Left) and volunteers fitting school-going children with shoes (Right)

Ahadi Kenya urges the national and county governments to help in the fight against jiggers

National Guidelines on the Prevention and Control of Jiggers launch - 3rd March 2015
(National Jigger Awareness Day inaugurated)
After lobbying for a policy on jigger eradication for the last eight (8) years, the government finally agreed to come up with policy guidelines on prevention and control of jiggers in Kenya. This is meant to streamline the fight against jiggers. It will guide all the stakeholders, including the county governments, on ways and means of dealing with the menace. The policy was launched at the Intercontinental Hotel by The First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta. During the launch the government also inaugurated a National Day for Prevention and Control of Jiggers to be marked every 3rd of March every year. The event was attended by Health ministry officials, led by the Cabinet Secretary James Macharia, among other stakeholders.


The First Lady, Government officials and Ahadi Kenya Trust displaying the policy document (Left) and Ahadi Kenya Trust receiving recognition award (Right)

Government Launches Policy To Tame Jigger Menace

Shoe distribution and jigger clinic in Ugenya, Siaya County-20th February 2015
(Shoes and slippers distributed to needy children)

Hundreds of pupils and vulnerable children from and around Siror Primary school, Ugenya in Siaya County benefitted from both free shoes and slippers during our visit to the school. Those infested with jiggers were treated and given sanitation and medication material. Ahadi Kenya has committed to give new shoes all over the country to the poor and vulnerable children. The event was attended by the school community and other local leaders.


Ahadi team handing over the shoes to the pupils ( Left) and treating jigger infested children (Right)

Rescue mission, Kiharu constituency, Muranga County - 28th January 2015
(Disabled and jigger infested child rescued)

Stanley Kamau, a ten (10) year old boy living with disability and infested with jiggers over his entire body has been chained for the last three years by his own parents. It took a neighbour to seek help from Ahadi Kenya to rescue the boy. The boy's mother said that she was forced to chain him since she could not carry out any other job to feed her children. Ahadi Kenya unchained the boy, treated him and bought him new clothes. The organization has pledged to feed the family and employed a caregiver until the child fully recovers.


The boy chained inside the house (Left) and undergoing treatment after been rescued (Right)

Boy chained for three years by his parents rescued in Murang'a


Thanksgiving ceremony, Gatanga, Muranga County-24th January 2015
(Jigger recovered pupils fair well in KCPE)

More than 3,000 pupils in Kenya sat for KCPE examination last year after fully recovering from jiggers. Jigger infestation is one of the major causes of primary school dropout, especially in the rural areas. Over 900 pupils passed the exams with over 350 marks and they are now waiting to join form (1) one. Ahadi Kenya held a thanksgiving ceremony to appreciate the role played by all the stakeholders in eradicating jiggers in schools. The students together with their parents were given gifts as a token of appreciation for their cooperation. The event was held at Gatanga in Muranga County. Ahadi Kenya has pledged to support all those who recover from jiggers pursue their dreams.


Recoverd girls trying catwalk (Left) and (Right) the pupils together with their parents receiving gifts.

Jigger Survivors Score Highly In KCPE Exams (video clip)

Shoe distribution and Jigger clinic, Bundalangi and Butula constituencies, Busia County - 17th October 2014
(Severe cases of jigger infestation)

Several people, especially the elderly, are heavily infested with jiggers in both Bundalangi and Butula constituencies of Busia County. We witnessed this during a shoe distribution and jigger clinic in the constituencies. More than 700 pupils from Bundalangi and 3000 pupils from Butula benefited.The events were attended by Former cabinet Minister Hon. Fred Ngumo and Butula Member of Parliament Hon. Onyura respectively. The event at Bundalangi was held at St. Peters Rumbwa Primary school while in Butula the function took place at Butunyi Mixed Primary School.


Heavily infested legs, hands and knees


Students of St. Peters Ruambwa Primary school celebration with new shoes and slippers ( Left) and ( Right) shoes in cartons ready for distribution in Butunyi mixed Primary School.

Banana harvesting in Kigumo, Muranga County - 10th October 2014
(Empowering recovered jigger survivors)

Jigger infestation is largely caused by poverty which leads to poor hygiene. To break the poverty cycle, Ahadi Kenya in partnership with KCB Foundation has initiated a banana livelihood project for recovered jigger survivors in Kigumo. More than 300 people will directly benefit from this project that was started 15 months ago. It will also benefit the community members who will be learning on how to plant and manage a banana farm. The farmers have registered a self help group that will be managing the farm. The beneficiaries can borrow money and repay back at a minimal interest. They will use the income to educate their children, buy sanitation and hygiene equipments as well as have food security. The first harvest was witnessed by Murang'a County Commissioner, Ms. Kula Hache.




Recovered jigger survivors displaying their harvest (Left) and (Right) carrying the bananas from the farm

Launch of the anti-jigger campaign in Samburu County-6th October 2014
(Several school going children dropping out)

An anti-jigger campaign was launched in Samburu County after media reports that hundreds of children are dropping out of school due to the menace. Ahadi Kenya, Kenya Red Cross, KCB Foundation, Samburu County and Royal Media came together to help the children. More than 600 children were treated and eight primary schools benefitted from a donation of shoes and slippers. Local CBOs were identified to continue with the follow up until all the children are back to school.The launch was held at Lporos Primary School, Maralel town, Samburu County.


Volunteers sorting shoes and other materials for donation (Left) and attending to the children ( Right)

Shoe distribution and jigger clinic, Ikolomani, Kakamega County - 4th October 2014
(Handing over the Ambulance Mashinani)

More than 10 primary schools benefitted from a donation of shoes and over 700 people were treated of jiggers when Ahadi Kenya visited Ikolomani. At the same event, Ahadi donated an Ambulance Mashinani to the community to save the lives of those who cannot afford to visit local dispensaries. The Ambulance will be used by the social worker. The event that was held at Shikokho primary school was attended by theIkolomani MP, Kakamega County women MP, Kakamega County Governor's wife among other leaders and community members.


Volunteers attending to jigger victims (Left) and ( Right) Ahadi handing over the Ambulance Mashinani

Launch of the Ambulance Mashinani, Muranga County-30th August 2014
(Ambulances mounted on the motor cycles for the villages)

Majority of people disabled by the jigger infestation, or suffering from other ailments, can now access medication after the launch of the Ambulance Mashinani initiative. Many sickly people miss on hospital appointment and scheduled checkups as they can hardly afford transport and cannot walk over long distances. The ambulances are fitted with a patient’s bed, attendants’ seat and a First Aid kit that contains, among other essentials, a delivery Kit for pregnant mothers. They will be operated by our social workers and are each paired with a motorcycle. Our goal is to distribute the ambulances in all the counties in Kenya.


Village ambulance

Volunteers are shown a demonstration of how to use the ambulance (Left) and (Right), the ambulances been flagged off

Usafi Bora and Zuia Funza campaign launch, Isiolo County-23rd August 2014
( Isiolo County Government endorse the campaign)

The Isiolo County Government has endorsed the anti-jigger campaign pledging to eradicate the menace in the county. The campaign was launched by Isiolo`s First Lady, Madina Godana. The event was sponsored by Consolidated Bank. During the launch that was attended by among others directors of the bank and county officials, more than 300 children were treated and more than 3000 pairs of shoes distributed. The event took place at Isiolo stadium.


Isiolo shoe distribution

Consolidated directors fitting children with shoes ( Left) and community volunteers treating those infested with jiggers (Right)

Jigger Staircase Relay 2014, KICC, Nairobi-2nd August 2014
(Over 50 corporate bodies participated)

More than 50 corporate bodies, government institutions, NGOs, County Governments and individuals took part in the 3rd Annual Jigger Staircase Relay held at the KICC. The Relay entailed participants running from the lawns to the top of KICC and back through the Stairs. Other activities of the day included; Sack race, three-legged race, Tug of War and egg race. All the participants were awarded with certificates and the winners received a trophy. There were six categories and the winners were; Media Category - Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), Government Category - Administration Police, NGO category - Digital Divide Data, Corporate category - Nakumatt, Student Category - Ashleys and individual category - WILD Bunch.


Jigger Staircase Relay

Participants warming up for the event

Staircase Relay

Jigger Staircase Relay


Jigger Staircase Relay

Sack Race

Egg race

Jigger Staircase Relay

Three legged race

Tug of war

Usafi Bora and Anti-jigger campaign in Kipkenyo, Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County - 23rd May 2014
(Over 50 Regular and Administration police volunteered)

Over 50 regular and administration police volunteered in the anti-jigger campaign at Kipkenyo primary School, Eldoret in Uasi Gishu County. More than 200 jigger infested person mostly children were treated of jiggers. During the event more than 3000 pairs of shoes were distributed to needy and vulnerable children. Among those who attended the function include Eldoret County Deputy Governor Daniel Chemno, Senior Government officials and community leaders.

Uasin Gishu


Uasin Gishu

Jigger infested and deformed feet (Left) police officers volunteers getting ready to help (Right)

Uasin Gishu


Uasin Gishu

Police Volunteers washing the affected persons ( Left) and Distributing shoes to the children (Right)

Anti-jigger campaign Launch, Kitutu masaba constituency, Nyamira County-7th April 2014
(One (1) week USAFI BORA –ZUIA FUNZA campaign declared)

Nyamira County has launched an anti-jigger campaign to eradicate the menace after several cases of jigger infestation were reported. The launch, whichwas officiated by Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama, was held at Entada Primary School, Kitutu Masaba Constituency. During the launch where more than 300 people benefitted, the Governor declared a one (1) week hygiene campaign and shoe distribution excercise in the County. The function was attended by county officials, Ahadi Kenya, Red Cross, Egesa fm and the community. Ahadi Kenya was presented with an award by Nyamira County for the efforts to eradicate jiggers in the country.


Volunteers get ready to treat the children affected ( Left) and ( Right) Ahadi Kenya receiving an award from Nyamira Governor


Some of the jigger-infested legs of the residents of Nyamira County

Ahadi Kenya 7th Anniversary celebrations, Lari, Kiambu County - 29th March 2014
(Launch of USAFI BORA-ZUIA FUNZA Campaign)

Ahadi Kenya launched a hygiene campaign dubbed UZAFI BORA-ZUIA FUNZA as we marked 7th anniversary of jigger eradication in Kenya. The event that was sponsored by NIC Bank was held at Kamahindu Primary School, Lari District, Kiambu County. The campaign is meant to educate the community on ways of preventing jigger infestation. The initiative comes after launching FUKUZA FUNZA NA KIATU project last year. Ahadi Kenya is now concentrating more on preventive rather than curative measures. During the Launch, the community was demonstrated on how to carry out different measures to avoid jiggers. They included; cutting the nails, washing both hands and feet, wearing of shoes, keeping the school and their homes clean and how to keep domestic animals away from the houses.


Demonstrations: Cutting of both finger and toe the nails (left) and washing of hands and feet (right)


Demonstrations: Wearing of clean shoes (left) and cleaning the school (right)


Demonstrations: Airing of the beddings (left) and separating domestic animals from the house (right)

Jigger clinic and shoe distribution, Bumula Constituency, Bungoma County -1st March 2014
(Former student gives back to the school)

More than 1000 Pupils of Mwiruti primary school in Bumula constituency, Bungoma County benefitted with new shoes courtesy of a former student. Those infested with jiggers were also washed and treated. The event to distribute the shoes took place at the school compound and was attended by local leaders, school community, provincial administration and Ahadi Kenya volunteers. The community and the pupils were educated and trained of how to manage jigger infestation. Ahadi Kenya promised to pay secondary school fees for any pupil who scores more than 350 marks in KCPE this year.




Jigger infested foot and hands of pupils in Mwiruti Primary School, Bungoma County




Ahadi Kenya volunteers treating a jigger infested pupil (Left) and (Right) donating shoes to the school.

Monitory and evaluation of livelihood projects in Kiambu and Muranga Counties - 19th & 25th February 2014
(Jigger survivors rehabilitated back to the community)

After undergoing full treatment, Ahadi Kenya initiates community projects to empower the survivors as a way of breaking the poverty cycle. Ahadi started rabbit farming in Kiambu and banana farming in Muranga. The two projects started a year and three years ago respectively have changed the lives of the survivors by providing food security and income. The beneficiary groups have formed community based organization and opened bank accounts where they save the earnings. They are now fully rehabilitated back to the society.

Jigger recovery


Jigger recovery

Rabbit farming in Kiambu County (Left) and banana farming in Muranga County (Right)

Visit to Eldoret, Uasin Gichu County - 15th February 2014
(IPDs infested with jiggers)

Internally Displaced Persons (IPDs) especially those who escaped from Kiambaa church that was burnt down, are now heavily infested with jiggers. Ahadi Kenya was informed of the situation and visited the area. Those affected were treated and supplied with food stuff.




An IDP escaping from Kiambaa church in 2008 (left) and (Right) been treated of jiggers recently

Visit to Ketany village, Elgeyo Marakwet County - 31st January 2014
(Training and Educating the community)

Elgeyo Marakwet is one of the counties affected by the jigger menace in the country. Ahadi Kenya visited the area and it was evident that the residents were at a loss as to how to tackle the menace. At a function held at Ketany Primary School, the community was educated and trained on how to manage and prevent jigger infestation. During the event seven schools also benefitted with new shoes and more than 100 children were treated jigger affliction. Ahadi Kenya had been invited to the County by a well-wisher from the region.




Students of Ketany Primary entertaining guests (Left) and community members being trained (Right)




Children washing their feet (Left) and a volunteer fitting new shoes to the children (Right)

Medical camp and shoe distribution, Maragwa, Muranga County - 24th January 2014
(Children dropping out of school)

Several children in Maragwa, Muranga County are dropping out of school due to jigger infestation and hunger. This was revealed when Pan Africa Life and Ahadi Kenya visited the area to distribute shoes and treat those affected by the jigger menace. More than 1000 people both young and old benefitted. The activities included washing and treating of the infested persons, donating food and refreshments as well as educating the communities on prevention and management of jigger infestation. The function was held at Kahaini Primary School. Among those in attendance included the area Member of County Assembly.




A jigger infested leg of a child (left) and volunteers washing and treating the affected children (Right)




Pan Africa Life Insurance and Ahadi Trust donating shoes (left) and school-going children showing off their new shoes (Right)

End of the year celebrations, Nyeri County-31st December 2013
(Supporting the elderly)

Over 500 elderly women and men ended the year in style after Purity foundation for the aged and Ahadi Kenya organized an end of the year party for them. The elderly danced, ate and they were given food to take home and each a pair of new shoes. They could not hide their joy as most of them had no one to visit them during the Christmas period. The function was attended by the wife of Nyeri county Governor, Government officials and other leaders.

Nyeri County


Nyeri County

Volunteers serving food to the elderly (left) and the elderly wearing the new shoes (Right)

Visit to Sarah Obama's home - 23rd November 2013
(Sarah Obama's work appreciated by Her Excellency, The First Lady)

Mama Sarah Obama, the grandmother to the US president Barrack Obama was presented with a plaque by Her Excellency the First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta, when she visited her in her rural home in Kogelo, Siaya County. This was in appreciation of her commitment in community work. The First Lady also presented Sarah with over 2,000 pairs of shoes for her foundation to help the needy. The shoes were donated by Ahadi Kenya Trust. Among the leaders present during the visit were Siaya County deputy governor, Homa bay County Governor and other leaders from Nyanza region. Ahadi Kenya Trust has partnered with Mama Sarah Foundation in the eradication of jiggers in the region.

Sarah Obama


Sarah Obama

Mama Sarah Obama welcomes the First Lady to her home (Left)and Mama Sarah is presented with a plaque ( Right)


The First lady presents shoes to Mama Sarah ( Left) and she fits shoes to a school girl ( Right)

Handing over new semi permanent houses, Kandara, Muranga County-8th November 2013
(Two families benefitted)

Two families in Kandara who were living under very unsanitary conditions were gifted with a 3-bedroomed semi permanent house, complete with a sitting room, toilet, bathroom and a kitchen. The houses were built with the support of Safaricom Foundation staff. The two families formally jigger infested were sharing one room a family of twelve and sixteen respectively. The houses were fully equipped with beds, bedding, furniture, utensils, solar lighting and food stuff.


Before and after pictures of the house of the first beneficiary family


Before and after pictures of the house of the second beneficiary family


The before and after of the beddings in one of the houses

Nyumba Kumi launch, Kandara Division, Muranga County-2nd November 2013
(Residents benefit from Chicken farming)

After the government announced the importance of Nyumba Kumi initiative to reduce insecurity in Kenya, Ahadi Kenya took an early lead to launch the same. Apart from curbing the increasing rate of insecurity, Ahadi's initiative is also meant to bring together the neighbours to care about each other. Bad neighbourliness is partly to blame for many ills affecting our society. People will get to know about the welfare of their neighbor. For example, they will get information on which family need help in terms of health, security, education and even food. Ahadi Kenya gave our chicken as a way of bringing together the neighbors. The beneficiaries were encouraged to share the chicks with their other immediate neighbors. This way, the community will get to know each other and give help where necessary.


Muranga County MP Hon. Wanjiru Chege distributing the Chicken (Left) and (Right) the beneficiaries.

Shoe distribution and jigger clinic, Kandara, Muranga County - 26th October 2013
(Twelve Primary Schools benefitted)

More than 7,000 children from twelve (12) Primary schools in Kandara District , Muranga County benefitted from new shoes generously donated by TOMS. During the distribution exercise, more than 100 children were treated from jiggers and supplied with foodstuff. Kandara District is among the most highly jigger infested districts in Kenya. Among those in attendance were Inooro FM presenters, local artists, Miss World Kenya 2013, local stake holders and Ahadi Kenya volunteers.


The crowd of children waiting to receive shoes (Left) and children entertaining visitors (Right)


Ahadi Kenya volunteers treating patients (Left) and helping in fitting shoes to the children (Right)

Madoka Half Marathon and Shoe distribution, Taita Taveta-19th October 2013
(Her Excellency, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta officiates)

Her Excellency, First lady Margaret Kenyatta flagged off Mandoka Half Marathon and officially launched shoe distribution in Taita Taveta County. The events were held at Ngerenyi Sports Ground and were attended by Taita Taveta Governor, Members of Parliament, Miss Tourist Taveta contestants and other local leaders. More than 3000 pairs of shoes were distributed to school going children.


First Lady flagging off the marathon ( Left) and fitting shoes to a school going child ( Right)

Medical Camp and Shoe Distribution Butula, Busia County-5th October 2013
(Both ODM and TNA pledge to work together)

Both ODM and TNA political parties pledged to work together in order to uplift the lives of the Kenya people. The two parties’ officials met at Busire Primary School, Butula, in Busia County during a jigger medical camp and shoe distribution exercise. Those present included the newly appointed TNA Executive Director and top ODM officials in Busia County. Others included Busia County Deputy Governor, County Executives and Chairperson, National Gender and Equality Commission Winfred Osimbo Lichuma. More than 1500 children benefited from shoes and treatment. Ahadi Kenya in partnership with Busia County Women MP, Hon. Florence Mutua, sponsored the event.



Guests been entertained by a local group (Left) and children washing their feet (Right)




Jigger infested hands and feet for those who attended the camp

Shoe Distribution and Education Day, Mbooni, Makueni County - 21st September 2013
(Laying of the administration block foundation)

Ahadi Kenya laid the foundation of the administration block at Mbooni AIC Secondary School during the Education Day at AIC church compound. During the function, Ahadi also distributed shoes to Mbooni AIC primary school and the elderly. The occasion was attended Makueni County Executives, Local leaders, school community and many other stake holders. Other events of the day included: mentorship program to the girls, planting of trees and awarding students who had excelled in different fields at the school.




Ahadi Kenya CEO planting a tree at the school (Left) and Laying the foundation of the administration block (Right)




Primary school pupils been fitted with shoes (Left) and Secondary school pupils being awarded (Right)

Medical Camp, Teso South, Busia County - 14th September 2013
(4,000 patients benefitted)

More than 4,000 patients suffering from jigger infestation, poor eye sight, dental problems and many other ailments were treated and given shoes. The event, held at Amukura Health Center, was sponsored by Ahadi Kenya, area MP Hon. Mary Emaase and corporate sponsors. The leaders at the function included the MP, county cabinet secretary for Health and Busia County Health Director. All the leaders pledged to work together with all the stake holders to eradicate jiggers in Busia County. Busia County is one of the most affected counties by jiggers in Kenya.


Jigger infested feet of school going children in Teso South, Busia County


Children dipping their feet into medication (Left) and (Right) Volunteers led by Area MP washing the patients

Training and Jigger Clinic, Kituro Center, Baringo County-7th September 2013
(Leaders call on Government intervention)

Political leaders in Baringo County, led by Women Member of Parliament Hon. Grace Kiptui and Baringo Central MP Hon. Sammy Mwaita, called on the government to intervene in eradicating jiggers in Baringo County. The leaders were speaking during the launch of a jigger-eradication campaign at Kituro Shopping Center, Baringo County. The two-day activity saw the residents trained on jigger control and management. Several jigger infested patients were also treated. Cecilia Mwangi, the anti-jigger campaign Ambassador, donated sanitary towels to school-going girls in the county.


Ahadi Kenya staff training volunteers (left) and Political leaders join in washing and treating the victims


Children receiving new shoes (Left) and Cecilia Mwangi donating sanitary towels (Right)

Shoe Distribution and jigger clinic, Gatundu, Kiambu County-10th August 2013
(Mama Ngina Kenyatta joins anti-jigger Campaign)

Former First Lady, Mama Ngina Kenyatta joined Ahadi Kenya and other volunteers in treating infested children and distributed shoes to 10 primary schools in Gatundu constituency. Mama Ngina was accompanied by her grand children including the President's daughter Ngina Kenyatta. Among those who attended included; Gatundu South Member of Parliament, Kiambu County women Member of Parliament, Gatundu DC and OCPD. Mama pledged to rally her friends and well wishers to see that jiggers are eradicated in Gatundu. She noted that alcohol abuse has contributed highly to jigger infestation. More than 5000 children benefitted during the event.


Jigger-infested feet of school-going children


Mama Ngina Kenyatta donating shoes to a student (Left) and washing a young jigger victim's feet (Right)

Shoe distribution and jigger clinic, Kigumo, Muranga County-20th July 2013
(Government pledges to support the campaign)

The government has pledged to support the anti-jigger campaign and even help in the head count to establish the number of Kenyans infested by jiggers. In the Cabinet Secretary's speech read on his behalf by the Chief Public Health officer, Dr. Kepha Ombacho, the minister told off those calling for criminalization of jigger-infested persons saying that it is not in the ministry's policy. The Officer was speaking during a shoe distribution and jigger clinic function sponsored by NIC Bank and Kenafric Industries. More than 3000 children from Karega, Kilele, Githima and Mathareini primary schools benefitted from the event. The government also donated medication and fumigation material to the residents. The event was held at Karega Secondary School.

NIC bank


NIC bank

A child infested with jiggers in Kigumo( left) and ( Right) NIC Bank MD is helped in treating a patient




New shoes for distribution are displayed and beneficiaries show off the new wear donated by Kenafric

Training and jigger clinic, Rarieda, Siaya County - 12th & 13th July 2013
(Students from Australia participate)

More than 20 students from Australia joined in jigger eradication in Rarieda. The students who had been invited by Rafiki ya Maendeleo Organisation were trained in treatment and prevention of jigger infestation. This came a week after Mama Sarah Obama launched a similar project in Kogelo which is in the same county. The students were joined by the local community where more than 100 people recieved assistance and were given shoes for free. Rarieda is one among constituencies affected by jiggers in Siaya County. The function was held at Nyangwara Market, Rachar sub-location.The event was graced by Siaya County Women Representative Christine Ombaka.




The students engaged in fumigating homes (left) and treating children infested with jiggers (Right)

Anti-jigger campaign Launch, Kogelo, Siaya County - 6th July 2013
(Mama Sarah Obama joins Campaign)

Mama Sarah Obama through her foundation, Mama Sarah Obama Foundation in partnership with Ahadi Kenya Trust launched an anti-jigger a Shoe distribution campaign in Siaya County. The function was held at Senator Barrack Obama Primary school, Kogelo in Siaya County. During the event, more than 500 children benefitted with shoes given by TOMS and jigger treatment. Contrary to many people's belief that jiggers are only found in Central Kenya, the fact is that jiggers affect each and every County in Kenya. Among the guests were: Siaya County Governor Connelius Rasanga who pledged to set aside funds for jigger eradication.


Jigger infested legs of children in Kogelo, Siya County


Mama Sarah Obama been fitted with a Shoe ( Left) and ( Right) treating a jigger infested child

Safaricom Marathon, Lewa-28th & 29th June 2013
(Runners engage in community work)

Participants of Safaricom Marathon 2013 in Lewa had an opportunity to meet the community within Lewa conservancy and engage in the jigger eradication project. They were taught how to manage and treat jiggers, fumigate affected homes and also got involved in distribution of shoes to both the community and school-going children. More than 700 people benefitted from the shoe distribution and treatment. The manyattas visited include Congo, Kambi John and Manyagaro. The event was sponsored by Safaricom Foundation.


Participants been trained on jigger infestation and others getting ready to fumigate the manyattas


Volunteers feeding the children ( Left) and (Right) hundreds of shoes for distribution

Shoe distribution in Mathioya, Muranga County - 18th June 2013
(10 primary schools benefitted)

Ten (10) primary schools in Mathioya constituency benefitted from new shoes distributed by Ahadi Kenya. The shoes, kindly donated by TOMS, are meant to help in preventing jigger infestation among young children. The event was held at Ngutu primary school and was attended by, among others, the President's daughter Miss Ngina Kenyatta. During the function, the children who were still infested with jiggers were washed and treated. Many children wore shoes that day for the first time in their life. The shoe distribution project will benefit all school-going children who have recovered from jiggers and those at the risk of getting jiggers.

Muranga shoe distribution


Volunteers treating jigger patients (left) and (Right) Cecilia and Ngina help in fitting the new shoes


Part of the children who benefitted from the shoe distribution

Jigger Staircase Relay 2013, KICC- 8th June 2013
(Over 40 Corporate bodies participate)

Over 40 corporate bodies took part in the Jigger Staircase Relay 2013 held at the KICC. The participants run from the lawns to the top of KICC and back. Other activities during the event included; Sack race, Egg spoon race and tag of war. It was a morning filled with fun and entertainment. The winners were:

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) - Media category
The Administration Police (AP) - Government Category
Nakumatt - Corporate Category
Kenya Red Cross - NGOs Category
Ashley's - Students Category

Click here to see a video clip of the launch of Jigger Staircase Relay!

Jigger Staircase Relay


Jigger Staircase Relay

The Administration Police band leading the participants in a warm up before the Relay

Jigger Staircase Relay


Jigger Staircase Relay

Participants running from the KICC Lawns to the Staircase

Jigger Staircase Relay


Jigger Staircase Relay

Participants running up and down the staircase of KICC

Ahadi Kenya Sixth (6th) Anniversary Celebrations- 12th April 2013
(Jigger survivors benefit with livelihood project)

Millions of children will benefit will benefit from shoes given by TOMS. The shoes to be distributed by Ahadi Kenya and other organization are meant to prevent children from been infested with jiggers. The project was launched by Her Excellency The First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Mrs Margaret Kenyatta. Wearing shoes is one way of preventing jiggers. The launch was attended by Cabinet Secretary of Health James Macharia, Mrs Jane Kiano, Patron Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization and Partners.

Click here to see a video clip of the launch of the shoe-distribution project

Margaret Kenyatta


Margaret Kenyatta

Her Excellency The First Lady cutting the ribbon the launch the project ( Left) and (Right) the New shoes ready for distribution

Margaret Kenyatta


Margaret Kenyatta

First Lady trying on the New Shoe ( Left) and (Right) Flagging off the distribution

Medical Camp, Makuyu, Muranga County-18th May 2013
(Residents treated of all diseases)

Safaricom Foundation, Kenya Diabetes management and Information Center and Ahadi Kenya held a medical camp in Makuyu, Muranga County, where more than 2000 people were treated of different ailments including jiggers infestation. The camp was attended by, among others, Safaricom Foundation's Joseph Ogutu; Muranga County Women's representative, Sabina Chege; and the Member of Parliament for Maragwa. Majority of the patients suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, eye problems and jigger infestation.


A doctor checking the eyes of a patient (left) and volunteers treating jigger infested persons

Ahadi Kenya Sixth (6th) Anniversary Celebrations- 12th April 2013
(Jigger survivors benefit with livelihood project)

KCB Foundation and Ahadi Kenya launched phase11 of the banana livelihood project in Kigumo to benefit jigger survivors. The project will directly benefit 100 families previously infested with jiggers but have now recovered. This is to provide income and food security by breaking the poverty cycle which is a major cause of jigger infestation. The beneficiaries from the first project donated their harvest to KCB foundation staff on that day. The first phase of the project was carried out in Mathioya where hundreds of families are now fully rehabilitated back to their normal lives. The event marked Ahadi Kenya`s 6th Anniversary.


Students from Kaharati Secondary School entertaining guests ( left) and beneficiaries of the first phase project donating the harvest to KCB foundation staff (right)


A beneficiary planting bananas (Left) and banana seedlings been distributed (Right)

Visit to Kikuyu - 6th April 2013
(Children with Autism, Down syndrome and celebral palsy participate)

Disability is not inability: Children suffering from Autism, Down syndrome and celebral palsy joined other volunteers in eradication of jiggers. The children were from Therapies for Kids organization. The event which was held to mark the Autism month benefitted more than 100 jigger infested children. The function took place at Kerwa Secondary school ion Kikuyu constituency.


Jigger infested legs of children in Kikuyu constituency


Jigger infested child being assisted to the venue (left) and children from Therapies for Kids helping in treatment.

Visit to Kanunga and Kawaida villages, Kiambu County-16th March 2013
(Recovered patient gives birth to a baby boy)

Several children and adults infested with jiggers in Kiambu have fully recovered and Ahadi has started a rabbit farming livelihood project to break the poverty cycle which is a major cause of poverty. During our visit, our team was happy that some of those previously infested have already been rehabilitated back to the community. A twenty year old girl has even given birth to a very healthy baby boy. Ahadi together with well wishers donated beddings and clothing for the child. They also donated learning materials for the recovered children.


Cecilia mwangi holding a two (2) week old boy (left) and the children enjoying a meal ( Right)

Medical camp at Aromodoi village, Teso South, Busia County-23rd February 2013
(Several children out of school)

Busia county is one among many counties with people affected by jiggers. Ahadi Kenya team visited Aromodoi primary school treated over 100 children infested with jiggers. 700 more children benefitted from writing materials that were donated by well wishers. Among the volunteers, included Hon. Julia Ojiambo and the community.


Community member assisting a jigger victim to the venue(left) and Julia Ajiombo helping in treating the children ( Right)

Visit to Kabati, Kandara Constituency-9th February 2012
(Camp held at a police station)

More than 60 children from kabati village in Kandara Constituency, Muranga County were treated, clothed and fed during a visit by Ahadi Kenya Volunteers. The volunteers who are Marketing students came together under Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK).The event was held at Kabati Police Station and attended by the OCS and other police officers from the station. The students donated clothes, shoes and foodstuff to jigger infested children and their parents.

Description: Kandara


Description: Kandara

Jigger infested feet (Left) and Volunteers attending to the children( Right)

Rabbit farming launch, Kiambu County-7th December 2012
(Jigger survivors benefit)

Poverty is the major cause of jiggers. To create sustainability, Ahadi Kenya in partnership with KCB Foundation launched a rabbit-farming project to help jigger survivors in rebuilding their lives. More than 50 families benefitted from the initiative that will see them get some income as well as food security. Ahadi Kenya has already established a ready market for the rabbits.

Description: rabbits


Description: rabbits

Ahadi Kenya's Cecilia Mwangi, KCB Foundatio's Rachael Gathoni and Ahadi CEO Dr. Kamau holding rabbits (Left) and Gathoni (Right) distributing to beneficiaries.

Medical camp in Kikuyu Constituency, Kiambu County-24th November 2012
(Call to register Disabled as voters)

Henry Wanyoike, the Paralympics world champion called on IEBC to carry out mobile voter registration in order to reach the disabled. He noted that jigger infested person cannot be able to walk to the registration center hence the need to support them. He was speaking during a jigger medical camp organized by Ahadi Kenya and sponsored by among others APA Insurance Company Ltd. The event was held at PCEA EGM church Muguga, Kikuyu constituency. In attendance included the area MP Hon. Lewis Nguyai and several volunteers. More than 200 people benefitted from the camp.

Description: Kiambu


Description: Kiambu

Jigger infested feet (Left) and knees (Right)

Description: Kiambu


Description: Kiambu

Children awaiting treatment (Left) and Wanyoike is assisted by Cecilia (Right)

Launch of Anti-jigger campaign in Moshi, Tanzania-9th &10th November 2012
(Opereresheni Tokomeza Funza)

When one mentions jiggers, majority of people think of Murang’a county but the fact is that the infestation is all over Kenya and our neighboring countries are not spared either. Tanzanians have suffered from jiggers for a long time which led to NGOs in the country seeking for assistance from Ahadi Kenya Trust.

An anti-jigger campaign was launched at Uru South division, Moshi, Tanzania. During the launch which was attended by government officials, NGO’s and community members. Also in attendance were the 2007 Big Brother Africa winner Richard Bezuidenhout and 2011 Big Brother contestant from Tanzania Bhoke Egina. The function was hosted by Mildmay-Tanzania, an NGO. Several people were treated and community workers from Mildmay trained on how to curb the menace during the launch dubbed Operesheni Tokomeza Funza.

Description: Moshi jiggers


Description: Moshi jiggers

Jigger infested feet of the people in Moshi, Tanzania

Description: Moshi jiggers


Description: E:\USB Drivers\WEBSITES 2013\Ahadi 2013\site\photos\Moshi4.jpg

Jigger infested persons waiting to be treated (Left) and volunteers at work (Right)



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