• Recognition Award - Beyond Zero - 2019
(Recognized for our contribution towards maternal health in Kenya)
• WIB Impact Award, Women in Business - 2019
(Awarded for impacting on women in Business in Kenya)
• African Community Service Award 2019 Voice Achievers Award - 2019
(Recognized for Immense Contribution and Impact in Transforming the Communities
Around us)
• Honorary Fellowship of IAR- Institute of African Royals & UN Women - 2018
(Recognized for Empowering Women in Rural Africa)
• Community Policing Award- Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government
(Recognized for our efforts In Community Policing and Development)
• Public Health Award, Ministry of Health - 2015
(Recognized for our effort towards Jiggers Eradication in Kenya)
• Talent Ambassador for East and Central Africa - ICIE - 2014
(Recognized for Commitment, Innovative, Practical and Passion for Community
• Honorary Rotarian, Kikuyu Rotary Club - 2014
(Recognized for volunteering in community service)
• London Olympics torch bearers - 2012
(Recognized for our community service and selected as Olympic Touch Bearers in
• Children’s Rights Media Awards - 2011
(Recognized for Protecting the Rights of Children in Kenya)
• Marketing Society of Kenya Warrior Award (MSK) - 2011
(Recognized for Championing Anti-Jigger Campaign in East Africa through Social
• Millennium Developments Goals Awards (MDGs) - 2011
(Recognized for Outstanding Contribution towards Achieving The Millennium
Development Goals 2015)
• African International Achievers Awards (AFIA) - 2011
(Recognized for reducing Child Mortality, improving Sanitation and General Health in
• Ambassador for Peace Award - Universal Peace Federation - 2011
(Recognized for creating peace through provision of good health)
• Beauty with a Purpose, Miss World - 2010
(Recognized for using beauty to impact on Kenyan people)
• Volunteer Involving Organization of the Year Award (VOYA) - 2010
(Recognized for Involving Volunteers in community service in East Africa)
• Volunteer of The Year (VSO) - 2010
(Recognized for volunteering in the anti-jigger campaign)
• Head of State Commendation (HSC) - President of the Republic of Kenya - 2009
(Recognized for community service in Kenya)
• Pure and Nature Award - BIDCO - 2009
(Recognized for leading young people to serve the community)
• Distinguish Service Award ( JKUAT Alumni) - 2009
(Recognized as an alumni contributing to the welfare of the society in Kenya)
• Honorable degree of Doctor of Philosophy in humanities, Universal University - 2009
(Recognized for service to humanities in Africa)
• Humanitarian of the year award, Laico Regency - 2009
(Recognized for our efforts to eradicate jiggers in Kenya)
• Global leadership and management Award (USAID) - 2009
(Recognized for good leadership and management skills in eradicating jiggers)
• Woswa Young Achievers Award (WOSWA) - 2009
(Recognized for been young and impacting on the lives of communities in Kenya)





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