Ahadi Kenya Trust 10-year Milestones

National Policy Guidelines for Prevention and Control of Jigger Infestations (2014)

Ahadi Kenya Trust Profile (2014)

Ahadi Kenya Trust Activties (2014)

Ambulance Mashinani (2014)

Ahadi Kenya Trust Treatment Guide (2014)

Ahadi Kenya Trust Strategic Plan 2012 - 2014

Ahadi Kenya Trust Kenya Brochure

Steps / Activities to Eradicate Jiggers

Civic Education Training Guide for Jigger Infected, Affected and Physically Challenged Persons

The Jigger Menace in Kenya Report - Vol.1

The Jigger Menace in Kenya Report - Vol.2

All-Corporates Jigger Eradication Day (2010)

All-Corporates Jigger Eradication Day (2009)



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