Anti-jigger campaign in Nyeri Town-27th October 2012
(Akorino Church joins the campaign)

Akorino church members joined Ahadi Kenya Trust and residents of Kamakwa village in Nyeri County in an Anti-jigger campaign. The Akorino joined the Anti-jigger campaign to demystify the myth that they do not seek formal medication when they become sick. They helped to treat over 100 jigger infested people. Among those in attendance included the area MP and Minister of Special Programmes Hon. Esther Murugi and the provincial administration. The Akorino pledged to support the initiative and continue partnering with Ahadi Kenya as a way of giving back to the community.




Akorino entertaining the guests (Left) and collecting medication materials (Right)




Akorino assisted by Ahadi team treating the infested person (Left) and (Right) child`s infested feet

Visit to Gatanga constituency, Muranga County - 13th October 2012
(Blind Children volunteered)

More than 60 visually impaired children from Thika School of the Blind joined Ahadi Kenya in the anti-jigger campaign. They entertained the affected children with songs and poems before washing and treating them. Though they have lost their sight, the children have not lost the vision and hope for this country. Jigger infestation is a major cause of physical and mental disability. They challenged those with all their body parts intact to at least use them in helping those unfortunate in the society.

Blind children


Blind children

Blind children from Thika school of the blind attending to jigger infested children in Gatanga, Muranga

Visit to Tana River IDP Camps - 5th to 7th October 2012
(Orphaned children infested with jiggers)

Over 2000 children who were orphaned following the recent skirmishes in Tana Delta are now infested with jiggers. The children are living in Gao, Tarasaa and Malindi IDP camps. Ahadi Kenya visited the camps following an appeal by humanitarian organizations working in the region. During the visit, more than 300 children were treated, supplied with medication & sanitation materials and foodstuff. Ahadi Kenya has appealed to the government, NGOs and well wishers to come to the aid of those affected. The team was accompanied by Rotaract Club of Malindi volunteers.


Ahadi accompanied by local administration visiting the camps (Left) and jigger infested child (Right)


Addressing displaced persons ( Left) and donating medication and sanitation materials (Right)

Visit to Gatundu North and Gatanga -21st and 22nd September respectively
(Striking teachers volunteer for the campaign)

Striking teachers in Gatundu North and Gatanga volunteered for the anti-jigger campaign to help reach jigger infested children still home due to the strike. Majority of school going children have not been able to access medication as they are supplied through schools. They took the move after realizing that the said children are getting re-effected again due to lack of medication. During the visit, Ahadi Kenya was accompanied by Citi bank and Amref Sacco volunteers who helped treat 150 and 100 children in Gatundu and Gatanga respectively. We were also joined by Channel O VJ Denrele Edun.




Jigger infested foot in Gatundu (Left) and Denrele Edun joins Millicent in treating a child (Right)

Medical camp, Muruka, Kandara, Muranga County-1st September 2012
(Several people infested)

Several people are jigger infested in Kandara constituency, Muranga County. During the medical camp, we noted that the community has really neglected those affected almost to a point where majority are physically challenged. The camp was attended by among others KCA University volunteers and the family of Stephen Gikonyo( aspiring Member of Parliament ). More than three (300) hundred people benefitted from the camp.




Jigger infested legs and hands of both young and old




Banana harvesting in Mathioya, Muranga County-31st August 2012
(Creating income and Food security)

Poverty is a major cause of jigger infestation. Ahadi Kenya in partnership with KCB Foundation started a livelihood banana project as a way of empowering the survivors and creates income as well as food security. Through the project, the beneficiaries will be able to afford simple sanitation and medication materials such as basins, soap, pins and even shoes. This will help in breaking the poverty cycle and keeping jiggers away.

Banana harvesting in Mathioya


Banana harvesting in Mathioya

Ahadi Kenya Directors Cecilia Mwangi and Stanley Kamau assisting the Jigger survivors harvest bananas

Banana harvesting in Mathioya


Banana harvesting in Mathioya

Jigger survivors carrying bananas from the farm

Banana harvesting in Mathioya


Banana harvesting in Mathioya

Visit to Magarini Constituency, Kilifi County-25th August 2012
(Safaricom Ltd sponsored)

A medical camp was held at Gongoni village of Magarini constituency to help those infested with jiggers. The activities included; immunization, HIV Aids counseling and testing, deforming and jigger treatment. More than 500 people benefited from the camp that was sponsored by Safaricom Ltd. Among the voliunteers were, Aphia Plus, Rotaract club of Malindi, Safaricom volunteers and the community.

Magarini Constituency, Kilifi


Magarini Constituency, Kilifi

A young volunteer treating a child with jiggers (Left) and right a health officer injecting a patient ( Right)

Medical camp, Gatunyu, Gatanga constituency-10th August 2012
(A hospital to be put up in Muranga County)

Plans are underway to put up a hospital together with a rehabilitation and vocational training center in Muranga County. Ahadi Kenya revealed this during a medical camp held at Gatunyu shopping Center in Gatanga constituency. The hospital to be funded by Ahadi partners will cost more than 200 Million shillings. During the camp, more than 100 children were treated and supplied with food stuff. Ahadi Kenya is appealing to the Muranga and Maragwa county councils to facilitate in identifying land where the hospital should be put up.




Children attending the camp (Left) and (Right) the children feeding

Visit to the banana livelihood project, Muranga-4th August 2012
(Banana farm progress)

Jigger survivors in Gitugi location, Muranga County, will soon be earning from the banana livelihood project that was launched last year and whose purpose is to empower them. The project, which is sponsored by KCB foundation, has directly benefitted 50 homes and indirectly benefitted the entire community. The first harvest is expected in the next few months and will generate a total net income of 450,000 and 1.2 million shillings thereafter to be shared amongst the beneficiaries. This will provide food security and income hence cutting the poverty cycle which is a major cause of jiggers.


banana livelihood projec

A jigger survivor, Macharia Kamau (left) inspecting the banana crop and another survivor working on the farm

Visit to Iyego, Kangema constituency-21st July 2012
(Motorcycles donated)

Ahadi Kenya is distributing a total of 300 motorcycles to churches in Muranga County to help in the fight against jiggers. The distribution was launched at Gatunduini ACK church, Kangema, Muranga County. The motorcycles are to be used by social workers drawn from the churches to reach the less fortunate especially those who are jigger infested and disabled. During the launch, more than 200 people were treated and educated on jigger eradication.

Ahadi Motorcycles


Ahadi Motorcycles

Ahadi Kenya donating a Motorcycle (Left) and (Right) jigger patients receiving treatment

Mandela`s 94th Birthday, Juja, Thika-18th July 2012
(67 minutes of community work)

The UN, South African High Commission and people of goodwill joined Ahadi Kenya in Celebrating Nelson Mandela`s 94th birthday. They devoted 67 minutes treating and attending to over 200 jigger infested children changing the world for better in a small gesture of solidarity with humanity. . This was was in recognition of Nelson Mandela's contributions to democracy, racial justice, reconciliation and his service to humanity with each minute representing the year Mr. Mandela estimates to have devoted to service to humanity - as a human rights lawyer, a prisoner of conscience, an international peacemaker and president of South Africa. The campaign slogan was: “Take Action, Inspire Change: Make Every Day a Mandela Day.” This was a small step towards continuous global movement for good. In attendance included; South African High Commission to Kenya Ndumiso Ntshinga.


Volunteers treating and washing jigger infested children


Volunteers treating and washing jigger infested children


Cutting the birthday cake and Ambassador being presented with Mandela`s portrait.

Launch of civic education, Gatundu-13th July 2012
(Civic education training guide launched)

Ahadi Kenya launched civic education aimed at improving human capabilities. Specifically improving vulnerable people`s skills and knowledge through capacity building of marginalized physically challenged, jigger infested and affected population. It will teach them how to enhance their participation in the constitution implementation process, elections and their active role in the electoral process. The function was graced by Justice, cohesion and constitutional affairs Hon. Eugene Wamalwa and IEBC commissioner Muthoni Wangai.


Feet deformed by jiggers (left) and Hon. Eugene receives a copy of the training manual ( Right)

London Olympic 2012 Games Torch bearers-1st July 2012
(Cecilia nominated as a torch bearer)

Ahadi Kenya efforts to eradicate jiggers continue to be recognized after Miss World Kenya 2005, Cecilia Mwangi (the Anti-jigger campaign Ambassador) took part in the Olympic torch relay in Solihull, UK on Sunday. She was nominated by Samsung together with people who have made a difference in the community. Other Kenyan participants included; Paul Tergat, Evans Wandogo, Asunta Wangura and Atul Shah. They were accompanied by Ahadi Kenya CEO, Dr. Stanley Kamau and Sumsung Regional Manager, Robert Ngeru.

2012 Olympics


2012 Olympics

Cecilia taking part in the Relay (left) and passing the flame to the next torch bearer (Right)

Training in Kericho- 1st and 2nd June
(1 week Child infested)

A one (1) week old child and her mother were found infested with jiggers in Kericho. This was during a visit to homes by Ahadi Kenya while carrying out training for Live and Hope Center volunteers. The villages visited include: Motobo, Telanet and Kapsaos, all of which are located in Ainamoi constituency. Most of the affected families are quite poor and live in very unhygienic conditions. More than 30 volunteers were trained on management of jigger infestation.


The feet of a one (1) week child infested with jiggers (Left) and that of three(3) year old boy (Right)

Miss World 2011 visit to Kiambu County, Kenya-28th May 2012
( Zwelivelile Mandela joins anti-jigger campaign)

Miss World 2011, Ivian Sarcos, and Zwelivelile Mandela (grandson of former South African President, Nelson Mandela) visited Kongo Primary School in Kiambu County. They were joined by Miss England and Miss Puerto Rico to meet children recovered from jiggers as well as offer treatment to those still infested. Last year, Miss World 2010, Alexandaria Mills, visited the country on a similar mission and donated a total of Kshs 800,000 towards jigger eradication. Some of the money went into treatment and rehabilitation of children at Kongo primary school. More than 50 children have fully recovered.


Miss World 2011 joins in a dance (Left) and children entertain guests (Right)

Visit to Mweru Village, Meru South constituency-12th May 2012
(Several people neglected)

Several jigger infested people are neglected in Meru south constituency. This was revealed when Ahadi Kenya visited the area for the first time. The victims were found lying on the floor of their houses without anyone to look after them. Hunger and poverty was evident in the region. More than 50 families benefitted from medication and sanitation materials donated.


Description: winlot2.jpg

Jigger infested children of Katuntune primary school in Mweru village Meru south.


Miss Word 2011 and Chief Mandela looking at jigger infested feet (Left) and Mandela washing a child's hands (Right)

Winlot Jigger Staicase Relay 2012, KICC-28th April 2012
(35 corportes participate)

The first ever staicase Relay was held at KICC by Ahadi Kenya to raise funds for the anti-jigger campaign. The relay which entailed running from the ground floor to the 28th floor and back attracted over 35 corporate bodies including the media houses, students, government bodies and NGOs. KCB bank won the corporate category, Nation Media won the media category, Liverpool VCT won the NGOs category while Administration police won the government category.The event was dubbed `WINLOT JIGGER STAIRCASE 2012` after winlot took the title sponsor.The Relay will be held every year during Ahadi Kenya Anniversary celebrations.

Description: winlot1.jpg


Description: winlot2.jpg

Administration police band opening the event (left) and participants take to the starting line (right)

Description: winlot3.jpg


Description: winlot4.jpg

A participant from Molo Milk climbing up the stairs (left) and a KCB staff coming down the stairs at KICC

Description: winlot5.jpg


Description: winlot6.jpg

Corporate participants taking part in Sack Race during the WINLOT JIGGER STAIRCASE RELAY 2012

Visit to Kandara District, Muranga County-21st April 2012
(Standard Chartered Bank adopts a school)

Standard Chartered Bank has adopted a school Kiriara primary school in Kandara. The school with a total number of 65 children infested with jiggers will be supported by the bank to fully eradicate the menace. The bank donated a total of 104,000 shilling to be used in buying of sanitation and medication materials. During the visit to the school, the bank donated foodstuff to the families that are affected and also planted trees.

Description: stanchart1.jpg


Description: stanchart2.jpg

Standard Chartered bank staff making the donation (left) and Planting trees in the school (Right)

Visit to Othaya, Nyeri County-13th April 2012
(Three (3) year strategic plan launched)

Ahadi Kenya launched a three (3) year strategic plan for 2012-2014 in an effort to erdadicate jiggers in Kenya. The key activities include: registration of all jigger infested and affected people to take part in democratic process, involvement in agricultural and livestock farming to break the poverty cycle, creating partnership with all the stakeholdres including the government, educating the communities on hygiene and finally to see that jiggers are preserved at the national archives for generations to remember. The launch was done during a medical camp at Kagonye primary school in Othaya. The function was attended by among others, Mary Wambui who also sponsored the event.

Description: D:\site\photos\wambui1.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\wambui2.jpg

Cecilia Mwangi and Mary Wambui lanching the document (left) and wambui attending to the children (right)

Jigger Staircase Relay 2012 Launch, KICC- 3rd April 2012
(Winlot takes the Title Sponsor)

The Minister of Nairobi Metropolitan Hon. Jamleck Kamau launched the Jigger Staircase Relay 2012 at KICC. Winlot Kenya donated a total of Ksh. 1.5 Million to take the Title Sponsorship hence the Relay was named `Winlot Jigger Staircase Relay 2012`. The event will be held on 28th April, 2012. More than 30 corporate bodies will participate in the Relay, including media houses.

Description: D:\site\images\StaircaseRelay1.jpg


Description: D:\site\images\StaircaseRelay2.jpg

Winlot Kenya presenting a check of 1.5 Million (left) and the Nairobi Metropolitan Minister launching the Staircase Relay 2012




Description: D:\site\images\StaircaseRelay4.jpg

HP (left) and Magnate Venture presenting their contributions

5th Anniversary celebratrations, Muranga County- 31st March 2012
(Showing case of life after Jiggers)

Ahadi Kenya celebrated 5 years of jigger eradication in Kenya. The event to mark the day was held at Ngutu Primary School. There were show cases of life after jiggers as children who were previously infested with jiggers were seen competing in different sports where the winners were awarded. The recovered adults were also visited in their homes and several of them were found engaged in agriculture and livestock farming. The function was broadcast live by Kameme FM. Thousands attended the event.

Description: D:\site\images\Anniversarycelebratrations1.jpg


Description: D:\site\images\Anniversarycelebratrations2.jpg

Recovered adult attending to the banana farm (left) and recovered children playing football (right)

Description: D:\site\images\Anniversarycelebratrations3.jpg

Ahadi Kenya Trust ambassadors help in cutting the 5th Anniversary birthday cake

Visit to Muoroto Village, Kiambu County- 15th March 2012
(Korean Royal family support Ahadi)

Korean Royal family joined Ahadi Kenya to treat and feed 100 children of Muoroto Village in Kiambu County. The children - most of whom reside in the coffee plantation - are badly infested with jiggers. Ms.Chang, the president of 'I Love Africa' will partner with Ahadi in different projects aimed at eradicating jiggers as well as poverty.

Description: D:\site\photos\korea1.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\korea2.jpg

Badly infested hands of a chiin in Muoroto(left)  and  Chang joins Ahadi in treatment (Right)

Visit to Khayega Village, Kakamega County-25th February 2012
(Victims believed to be bewitched)

Several people infested with jiggers in Khayega village of Shinyalu in Kakamega County are believed to be bewitched. This had made many of them get locked in their homes without seeking for medical attention. Ahadi Kenya toured the village to educate the community on jigger infestation and discourage those believes. Over 300 people benefitted from medication and foodstuff donated to them. More than 1000 others are expected to get treatment within the next few days.

Description: D:\site\photos\Khayega1.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\Khayega2.jpg

Jigger infested persons (left) and a man locked in the house at Khayega village (Right)

Visit to Gatundu South-11th February 2012
(Small children infested)

Small children as young as 7 months are infested with jiggers in Gatundu. The children have their hands and legs badly infested. Ahadi Kenya visited the families over the weekend and supplied them with medication and other materials. Food was also distributed to the affected families.

Description: D:\site\photos\kipsongo1.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\kipsongo2.jpg

Children aged 7 months and 1 year infested with jiggers

Visit to Kipsongo slums, Kitale-3rd February 2012

(Hunger and poor shelter witnessed)

More than 350 people from Kipsongo slums in Kitale benefited from sanitation and medication donated by Ahadi Kenya and KCB foundation. During the visit that was also graced by the area MP Hon. Eugene Wamalwa, the residents complained of hunger and poor shelter. Many of those affected do not have houses and go for days without food. Others who joined in the visit included KCB bank staff, local leaders and school community. Many children do not and have never attended school. Ahadi Kenya appointed social workers to carry out the project in the slums.

Description: D:\site\photos\kipsongo3.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\kipsongo4.jpg

An old woman infested with jiggers (Left) and Hon Wamalwa assisting in treatment (Right)

Visit to Gatanga constituency- 14th January 2012
(A woman dies due to jigger infestation)

A woman in Gatanga constituency died after severe jigger infestation. This brings the number of those who have died in the last five years to over 400. Her death has come when Ahadi Kenya in partnership with a German university and the ministry of Health have launched a research on jigger medication. Ahadi Kenya team led by the campaign Ambassador Cecilia Mwangi visited the family at Rwegetha location to console the family.

Description: D:\site\photos\Gatangafuneral.jpg

Ahadi Kenya CEO addressing the mourners in Gatanga.

Feeding Program, Mji Wa Huruma, Nairobi-15th December 2011
(Launch of feeding program for Xmas)

Ahadi Kenya in partnership with corporate bodies, individual well wishers and volunteers, has launched a program to feed at least 1 million Kenyans. The program targets jigger-infested people, disabled, aged and orphans among other unfortunate people in our society. The launch took place at Mji Wa Huruma slums. The event was sponsored by Jacaranda Group of Hotels. The distribution of food will be carried out in all our centers countrywide. We take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2012.

Description: D:\site\photos\xmas1.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\xmas2.jpg

Cutting the christmas cake at Mji wa Huruma (Left) and Distributing food in Gatanga (Right)

Children's Rights Media Awards-26th November 2011
(Ahadi Kenya Awarded for working with children)

Ahadi Kenya Trust was awarded the Community Children's Hero Award at the annual Children's Rights Awards Gala night held at the Laico Regency. The event was graced by Gichugu MP and Presidential aspirant Hon. Martha Karua. The awards recognise media houses, organisations and individuals working to better the lives of children.

Description: D:\site\photos\kids_award.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\kids_award2.jpg

Cecilia Mwangi, Dr. Kamau and Natasha Metto holding the awards (Left) and Hon Karua presenting the award (Right)

Visit to Kimunyu Primary School, Gatundu-25th November 2011
(Three (3) months baby infested)

A three-month-old baby was treated of jiggers at Kimunyu Primary School in Gatundu. The baby was brought in by her jigger-infested mother during the jigger treatment camp sponsored by KPLC Thika. More than 100 children benefited from the donations. Those in attendance included the provincial administration, teachers, community volunteers and KPLC staff.

Description: D:\site\photos\kimunyu1.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\kimunyu2.jpg

A Child`s feet deformed by jiggers (Left) and KPLC staff attending to the three (3) months baby

Medical Camp, Mukurweini, Nyeri County-12th November 2011
(Professionals from Nairobi sponsored)

Professionals working in Nairobi from Mukurweini Constituency in Nyeri County sponsored a medical camp to wipe out in Kaheti village. The proffessionals were led by Peter Waita who donated a total of Ksh. 200,000. Others were Former Member of Parliament Hon. Mutahi Kagwe and Former Member of Parliament of Mandaraka Hon Dick Wathika both contributing Ksh.10,000 each. During the camp, more than 200 children were treated and supplied with foodstuff. The function was held at Kaheti Catholic Parish.

Description: D:\site\photos\Mukurweini.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\Mukurweini2.jpg

Jigger infested feet of a child (Left) and (Right) Volunteers at work during the camp in Mukurweini

MSK Gala night, KWS - 11th November 2011
(Ahadi Kenya, Kamau awarded)

Ahadi Kenya trust received peer recognition as the best Social Marketing effort as the Executive Director Dr. Stanley Kamau was installed as a marketing Warrior by the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK). The award ceremony was held at the KWS during MSK annual gala night. Ahadi Kenya has partnered with over 65 corporate bodies.

Description: D:\site\photos\warriror1.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\warriror2.jpg

Dr Kamau holding the shield and trophy ( left) and ( Right) the certificate issued to Ahadi Kenya

Anti-jigger Awareness campaign in Thika, Kiambu County-22nd October 2011
(16 Big Brother Africa 2011 housemates participate)

The Big Brother 2011 housemates jetted into Kenya on 20th October 2011 for a three-day jigger awareness campaign. They held a media conference with the Prime minister`s wife, Madam Ida Odinga, and Nairobi Town Clerk, Philip Kisia, on 21st before holding a medical camp on 22nd at Kiandutu village, Thika, Kiambu County. They helped treat more than 500 children infested with jiggers. They also took part in planting trees at Garissa Road primary school in memory of the late Wangari Maathai. The housemates were led by Parson Wendal, the winner from Zimbabwe. Their whole trip was sponsored by Samsung.

Description: D:\site\photos\BBA1.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\BBA3.jpg

BBA 2011 Housemates meeting with Madam Ida Odinga (left) and participating in the medical camp in Thika (Right)

Description: D:\site\photos\BBA5.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\BBA6.jpg

Planting a tree (Left) and jigger infested hands of one of the victins treated (Right)

Millennium Developments Goals Awards (MDGs) - 21st October 2011
(Ahadi Kenya presented with Distiguised Service Award)
Ahadi Kenya Trust was awarded with the Distinguished Service Award for its outstanding contribution towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals 2015. The award was given by MDG`s Trust Fund. Presenting the award, MDGs Trust Fund Executive Director Ben Omondi said that Ahadi Kenya has contributed a lot in making sure that children are in school. He noted that several children are hindered from attending school due to jigger infestation and Ahadi Kenya is playing a very big role in achieving universal primary education. He called on Kenyans to recognise those changing the lives of our people when still alive.

Description: D:\site\photos\award.jpg

MDGs Trust Fund CEO Ben Omondi presenting the award to Ahadi CEO Dr. Stanley Kamau

Anti-Jigger Campaign Launch, Eldoret-14th October 2011
(Former President`s security officer infested)

The Anti-jigger Campaign was launched in Eldoret by the Ahadi Kenya Trust. Most of the worst affected areas include Munyaka, Kimumu, Silas, Ngomongo and Kenya Service in Eldoret East, Langas, Kabiamit, Hill Schoolt and Elview in Eldoret South, Huruma, Mwanzo, Mail Ine and Kamukunji in Eldoret North. More than 300 children turned up for treatment among them a former security officer at Former President the late Hon. Jomo Kenyatta Gatundu home. The locals confirmed that many people are suffering but stigma and redicule made them not come out for treatment. The launch was sponsored by KCB Foundation.

Description: D:\site\photos\eldoret1.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\eldoret2.jpg

Jigger-infested heel (left) and volunteers attending to those infested in Eldoret

Visit to Ikolomani, Kakamega County-1st October 2011
(16 Ambassadors join Anti-jigger Campaign)

16 African Ambassadors to Kenya under the banner of African Diplomatic Corp (ADC) joined Ahadi Kenya Trust in an anti-jigger campaign at Eregi Primary, Ikolomani, Kakamega County. During the camp, more than 300 people were treated and supplied with food stuff. The Ambassadors pledged to buy shoes and other clothings for the victims. They also pledged to continue supporting this project. The medical camp was sponsored by Safaricom Ltd.

Description: D:\site\photos\Ikolomani1.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\Ikolomani2.jpg

Jigger infested feet of victims in Ikolomani

Description: D:\site\photos\Ikolomani3.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\Ikolomani4.jpg

Ambassadors treating victims (left) and making their contribution (Right)

Visit to Othaya, Nyeri County-17th September 2011
(Camp sponsored by Jimmy Kibaki)

More than 300 children benefited from medication, sanitation materials and food, courtesy of Jimmy Kibaki, son of President of the Republic of Kenya Hon. Mwai Kibaki. Ahadi Kenya held a medical camp at Kagonye Primary School where the beneficiaries were treated and fed. A team of volunteers was appointed to follow up in the victims' homes to fumigate and kill the jigger-causing fleas. This was the second time Ahadi was visiting Othaya Constituency. Reports indicate that there has been a lot of improvement in the constituency over the last one year.

Description: D:\site\photos\Othaya.jpg


Description: D:\site\photos\Miss Kenya 2011.jpg

Jigger infested feet of a child (left) and Miss World Kenya 2011, Susan Anyango attending to a child

Miss World Visit to Mathira, Nyeri-9th July 2011
(Beauty with a Purpose)

Miss World Alexandria Mills, Miss Africa Emma Wareus and Miss Venezuela Andrina Vasini join anti-jigger campaign in Kenya. They were accompanied by the President of Miss World, Julia Morley.They were visiting the country to award Natasha Metto, the reigning Miss World Kenya for winning the 'Beauty with a Purpose' segment of the Miss World finals in China last year. The group took part in an anti-jigger medical camp sponsored by KCB Foundation at Ragati Primary School, Mathira, in Nyeri County. More than 1000 children were treated during the exercise that was attended by, among others, Administration Police and the area MP Hon. Ibrahim Maina.

Description: D:\site\images\missworld (2).jpg


Description: D:\site\images\missworld (3).jpg

Reigning Miss World, Alexandria Mills, arrives at Mathira led by AP band (left) and (right) Miss World President chats with infested children.

Description: D:\site\images\missworld (4).jpg


Description: D:\site\images\missworld (5).jpg

Reigning Miss World Alexandria Mills with other beauty queens wash the feet and hands of jigger-infested children at Ragati primary school, Mathira District.

Description: D:\site\images\missworld.jpg


Description: D:\site\images\missworld (1).jpg

Children`s feet infested with jiggers

Description: D:\site\images\miss-world-mills (1).jpg


Description: D:\site\images\miss-world-mills.jpg

Miss World Alexandria Mills, accompanied by Cecilia Mwangi and current Miss World Kenya Natasha Metto, tend to jigger-infested children Ragati primary school

Visit to Gatanga constituency-1st July 2011
(Several Children out of school)

Several children are out of school in Gatanga constituency after been heavily infested with jiggers. KPMG in partnership with Ahadi Kenya visited Gakurari Primary School where more than 100 children were treated, fed and supplied with sanitation equipments. Lack of political goodwill has been a major setback to the fight against jiggers in the region.

Description: D:\site\images\gatanga1.jpg


Description: D:\site\images\gatanga2.jpg

Ahadi CEO holding a two year child infested with jiggers (Left) and a heavily infested foot (Right)

Description: D:\site\images\gatanga3.jpg


Description: D:\site\images\gatanga4.jpg

Volunteers collecting washing and treatment materials(Left) and (Right) attending to the children

Lewa Marathon activities- 23th June- 25th June 2011
(Homes cleaned and children treated)

As part of activities during 2011 Lewa Safaricom Marathom, Safaricom Foundation in partnership with Lewa Conservancy and Ahadi Kenya organised a cleanup campaign on 23rd June 2011, a medical camp on 24thJune and set up an information desk at the finish line on 25th June 2011. All the activities were to educate and train communities and participants on ways and means of eradicating Jiggers. Ahadi Kenya has been running a jigger help center at Lewa Down primary school for the last 2 years. The project is sponsored by Safaricom. Among those who took part in the activities included Mrs Claire Collymore, the wife of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.

Description: D:\site\images\Lewa Marathon_html_m3fa6a4b3.jpg

Description: D:\site\images\Lewa Marathon_html_m1d8467c6.jpg

Description: D:\site\images\Lewa Marathon_html_m514da975.jpg

Legs and hands of children from Lewa primary school infested with jiggers

Description: D:\site\images\Lewa Marathon_html_3ce6c07e.jpg

Description: D:\site\images\Lewa Marathon_html_m655eb2aa.jpg

Description: D:\site\images\Lewa Marathon_html_m2d25a02e.jpg

The clean up campaign (left), Medical camp (middle) and the information center (right)


International African achivers Awards 2011, UK-27th May 2011
(Ahadi Kenya gets three (3) Awards)

After been nominated for the International African Achievers Awards, Ahadi Kenya through the Executive Director Dr. Stanley Kamau bagged a total of three (3) awards. The awards are Reducing Child Mortality award, Sanitation & General Health award and Special Country award.The awards are in recognition of individuals, groups and organisations working towards achieving the millennium goal 2015. The award ceremony was held at the Hilton hotel, Bradford city in the UK.

Ahadi Kenya dedicated the awards to the Kenyan people for their support in eradication of jiggers.

Description: D:\site\images\UK1.jpg


Description: D:\site\images\UK2.jpg

Kamau receiving the awards (left) and holding the three awards (right)

Visit to Kigumo, Muranga County-14th May 2011
(Jiggers disable children)

Several children are disabled by jiggers in Kigumo district, Murang'a County. This was revealed during a jigger medical camp organised by Ahadi Kenya Trust and sponsored by Barclays Bank. During the event, more than 300 children were treated and fed. The function was attended by educational officials, provincial administration, church leaders and the community members. Enough sanitation and medical equipments were distributed.

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Jigger infested feet of children in Kigumo District, Muranga County

A visit to Thika District Hospital-13th April 2011
(A family of five (5) admitted)

A family of five (5) are admitted at Thika district hospital after been attacked by jiggers. The victims were rushed to the hospital by a well wisher who found the family enclosed in their house. The 38 years old mother has called on well wishers to help her be able to educate her children aged between 2 and 12 years. Ahadi Kenya visited the family and promised to pay the hospital bills and seek for funds to support the family.

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Jigger infested Hand and legs of the family members admitted at hospital

Training of trainers in Samburu-8th April 2011
(Compassion social workers trained)

Social workers from Samburu were trained on jigger management. This is a way of building capacity among different groups to be able to eradicate the jigger menace. The training was sponsored by Compassion International for their social worker working in Sirata, Lareoibor, Yaiamo, Milimani and Noomotio villages. The training was held in Maralal.

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Trainers demonstrating on how to treat (left) and a jigger infested child (right)

4th Anniversary celebrations, Muranga-26th March 2011
(Recovered victims empowered)

After four years of fighting jiggers, Ahadi Kenya has treated and rehabilitated more than 200,000 victims. Poverty is a major cause of jigger infestation. To break the poverty cycle, Ahadi Kenya launched a banana planting project for the recovered victims in Murang'a as a way of empowering them and preventing further infestation. More than 50 people directly benefitted from the project that will also benefit the whole community as it will be a learning center for the residents. The project is funded by KCB Foundation. The event was attended by, among others, administration police volunteers, provincial administration representatives, KCB officials and the public.

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Recovered persons joined by volunteers in a dance (left) and their clear message (Right)


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The launch of the project (Left) and Volunteers taking part in planting the bananas (Right)

Anti-jigger campaign launch, South Coast, Mzabweni-12th March 2011
(People believe in witchcraft)

Mzabweni is one of the highly jigger infested district in coast province. Others include Kwale, kilifi, Malindi, Tana River, Lamu and Kaloleni. More than 400,000 people are jigger infested in the region. Ahadi Kenya partnered with Safaricom and Camps Kenya to launch the campaign aimed at reducing the belief that jiggers are the result of witchcraft. Several people in the region seek the intervention from witch doctors instead of seeking medical attention. During the launch more than 300 children were treated and supplied with sanitation and medical equipment. The event was held at Makongeni Primary School.

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Dance group entertaning guests during the launch (Left) and school children in attendance (Right)


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Jigger infested foot of a child (Left) and (Right) volunteers treating the children

Training of Trainers on jigger manangment, Malindi-24th February 2011
(Churches join anti-jigger campaign)
 Several churches working under Compassion International were trained on ways and means of eradicating jiggers. The churches were drawn from Malindi, Kilifi and Kaloleni.  More than 16 churches were represented by two members per church. They got involved after realising that jiggers are menace in the region where many children are dropping out of school. The participants were educated on among others; causes of jiggers, effects, treatment and preventive measures. They were also taken on home visits to learn how to fumigate as well as approach those affected.

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Participants undergoing training (Left) and been shown how to carry out the treatment (Right)


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Training on fumigation during the home visit (left) and a child's leg infested with jiggers (Right)

Visit to Tetu, Nyeri-12th February 2011
(12 year old jigger infested girl impregnated)
A 14 year old jigger-infested girl was rescued after been impregnated by a 51 year old man. When Ahadi visited the family, the girl had been taken away by Nairobi Womens Hospital where she is waiting to deliver. All other family members are heavily infested by jiggers. Ahadi Kenya called on the community members to stop taking advantage on the poverty in the family but instead help them. They called on the government to bring to book the man who committed the act. Ahadi paid for the installation of water in the homestead.

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One of the family members jigger infested hands.

Volunteer attending to the family members.

Visit to Nairobi Children`s Home, Kabete-29th January 2011
(A child recovers fully from jigger infestation)
A child who was admitted at Nairobi Children Home has recovered fully from jigger infestation. The 5 year old Christine Nafula was found on the streets of Nairobi with severe jigger infestation. A well wisher called on Ahadi for intervention. The child who was admitted two months ago has been undergoing treatment at the home and she is now able to mix with other children. During the visit, Ahadi Kenya donated food and other items to the home.

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Nafula`s feet before treatment (Left) and after treatment (Right)


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Ahadi Kenya donating food (left) and admiring Nafula`s recovered feet (Right)

Food distribution in Maragwa, Muranga County-22nd January 2011
(Jigger victims face starvation)

As the drought continues to ravage the country, it has emerged that jigger infested persons and disabled people are unable to access the government food due to inability to walk. The government has been urged to consider putting aside relief food for those suffering from jiggers. The appeal was made by Ahadi Kenya, the anti-jigger campaign organisation, in Nginda location, Maragwa district, Muranga County when distributing food and medication to those affected. Majority of those infested with jiggers cannot be able to move from their homes hence unable to access the relief food. Muranga, like any other region is also hit by the drought. Food worth more than Kshs.100 thousand was distributed to 100 families.

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Ahadi Kenya volunteers distributing food to jigger victims


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Children infested with jiggers on both their hands and feet



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